Manhole construction.

Several Montrealers are going on day 6 without Internet up in the Mile End and Rosemont neighbourhoods. The Bell Internet customers began reporting the issue at the end of June and are still living without connection today, July 3rd.

Complaints about the lack of service state that some people were without Internet as early as July 27th, 2019. 

That would mean that, by tomorrow, they'll have gone a full calendar week without Internet service.

According to customers, Bell isn't quite sure when the service is expected to resume. 

The tweet above indicates that a customer was able to get an automated response that said service should resume by the end of this week, Friday, July 5th.

She likely heard this response by calling the number provided in the Tweet above, 1-844-310-7873. When I called this number I was prompted to enter my account number, and as I am not a Bell client I was unable to continue.

A Bell client did reach out to us here at MTL Blog to share her frustrations and provide details about the suspended service.

She has been without Internet now for 6 days after service went out on Friday, June 28th. She also let us know that there had been "sizable telecom crews" working "round the clock" in a hole at the corner of rues Bernard and St-Dominique. 

People have, of course, started to speculate about what exactly could have caused the hyper-localized disruption. 

Bell themselves responded with the tweet below, which gives little details about what really caused the issue and what it would take to have it resolved. 

They also note that in addition to Internet loss, people have also experienced outages with their TV service. 

A Bell spokesperson tells MTLBlog that "damage to underground cables during construction at the intersection of Bernard and St. Dominique streets on Friday disrupted Internet, Fibe TV and telephone service for some customers in Mile End."

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"Affected customers with Bell Mobility service were provided free wireless hotspot Internet service while crews continued the complicated repairs throughout the weekend. Services began to be restored on Saturday and the vast majority of customers were back in service on Monday."

"Our crews continue to work to restore full services to the remaining customers as soon as possible," the spokesperson explains.

Stay tuned for updates.