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You Can Actually Become A Jedi At This Star Wars Class In Montreal (VIDEO)

May the force be with you
The Fun Activity To Do In Montreal That Star Wars Fans Will Love

Unless you live under a rock on the distant planet of Dagobah, you have probably heard of a little saga called Star Wars . It's only the most popular work of sci-fi in the galaxy, and it couldn't be hotter right now. We'd go so far as to say that it's hotter than a Jedi light-saber primed for battle. And if you, like us, have always dreamed of wielding a light-saber for yourself, we found a super fun activity to do in Montreal .

Force Academy , located in Montreal's Saint-Henri borough, is a place where all your dreams of becoming a Jedi (or a Sith if you're evil) come true. Whether you are just looking to live out your Skywalker fantasy, or want to learn some legit martial art techniques, this place has you covered.

Our ever-intrepid host, Alex Melki, decided to see if the force was with him, and learned all about swordsmanship while also getting in a legit workout. He found a whole new appreciation for light-saber fencing, a sport actually recognized by the Olympic Committee.

Once the single light-saber was mastered, it was time to embrace the dual blades. Needless to say, we were officially in nerd heaven.

Force Academy

When : Monday-Friday 10:00AM-9:00PM, Saturday-Sunday 9:00AM-9:00PM

Where : 4767 Rue Dagenais #202, Montréal, QC H4C 1L8

Cost : $24.95 (online tickets only)

Why: Because baby Yoda says so.


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