A Gang Of Wild Turkeys Was Spotted Taking Over The Streets Of Laval (Video)

A Gang Of Wild Turkeys Was Spotted Taking Over The Streets Of Laval (Video)

Montreal might be a big city, but despite the concrete jungle landscape,  Montreal is home to a lot of furry — and not so furry — animal friends. For example, in the summer, it's common to spot chubby garbage-eating racoons around the city, especially on Mount Royal.

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TL;DR A hilarious video of a gang of wild turkeys taking over the street was captured in Laval. Wild turkey sightings can be surprisingly common in certain areas of the city. 

Montrealers will occasionally spot more "exotic" wild animals like cute foxes that sometimes make appearances on the STM bus, or coyotes that attack people on occasion. And of course, to our collective dismay, Montreal is also home to some nasty creepy crawlers.

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That said, a perhaps unexpected creature of the feathered family has been spotted on the streets of Laval. None other than the wild turkey.

Yes, delicious and plump — sorry vegans — turkeys are roaming the streets, gobbling away. 

Take a look at this video posted by @davani_realtor on Instagram.

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There's at least half a dozen of them! You're probably asking yourself: what's behind this?

Last year, the Montreal Gazette reported that wild turkeys sightings are on the rise in Montreal and Quebec.  

Apparantly, it's actually quite common to spot them around certain boroughs in Montreal, and come spring, we might be seeing even more, as it's turkey mating season! 

If you spot any wild turkeys or any other animals around the city, let us know! 

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