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A Haunted House Near Montreal Has A Real, Gory Restaurant For Anyone With A Strong Stomach

Fear is a dish best served with a dinner show.
A Haunted House Near Montreal Has A Real, Gory Restaurant For Anyone With A Strong Stomach

There will be no shortage of terrifying things to do this October in celebration of Halloween. There are giant haunted houses, 30-hour coffin challenges, and realistic horror fairs all set up just to scare the living hell out of you.

But if you were always a lover of films like The Shining, then experiencing a haunted hotel is probably high on your list of things to do. And that's where L'hotel 54 comes in. Just a 45-minute drive outside of Montreal, this haunted hotel has everything a haunted hotel should have; long, creepy corridors, terrifying theme rooms, and lost and demonic souls wandering the premises.

The guys over at L'hotel 54 love Halloween. They love it so much that their creepy haunted hotel is open all year long. L'hotel 54 is completely interactive, with actors dressed as everything you ever dreamed could show up at your darkened bedroom doorway late at night. 

The hotel is brought to life with amazing acting, Hollywood level sets, and special effects that really capture the best terror and horror movies.

L'hotel 54 is unique in that they also hold dinner shows which are worth the watch. The shows are a mix of bone tingling fear, surprising performances and dashed with just the right amount of black humour.

The dinner shows are just as mesmerizing as the haunted hotel. With performances from illusionists, burlesque dancers, circus acts, magicians, musicians, sideshow performers, and mentalists, it's hard to focus on the four-course dinner that's served up. 

Don't expect the actors to break character while they're serving your meal. You can expect everything from scares and laughter to exceptional rudeness and gore to be dished up with dinner. 

There is also a full-service bar on the premises — but unfortunately, drinks are not included in the price of dinner. 

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Visitors to the haunted hotel must be 12 years of age or older and is also not recommended for people with heart problems, claustrophobia, or epilepsy.

It's also recommended to not wear your favourite clothes. Wear something dark and comfortable — you are likely to get dirty. 

[rebelmouse-image 26889365 photo_credit="L'hotel 54" expand=1 original_size="1240x600"] L'hotel 54

If you absolutely must, you can ask for a glow stick to carry with you as you move through the rooms. This will identify you, as the chicken you are, to the actors who will be more lenient with you. Maybe

Be forewarned, if the scares are still too much for you and you leave the hotel, you will not be refunded. 

L'hotel 54 is open select nights and it's best to reserve your space (necessary if you want to take part in the dinner show) beforehand. 

A Haunted Hotel & Dinner Show At L'Hotel 54

When: Select dates through October, see their calendar here

Where: 5 Rue du Royal-22e-Régiment, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


Visit the haunted house: $13

Visit the haunted house followed by a dinner show: $70


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