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A Huge Area Of Montreal Is About To Become A Construction Mess And Traffic Will Be A Nightmare

Residents have had enough.
A Huge Area Of Montreal Is About To Become A Construction Mess And Traffic Will Be A Nightmare

As if Montreal wasn't already chaotic enough with its ongoing construction, even more long-term work is coming to the city and locals are furious. In case you haven't heard, part of the town of Mount Royal is about to be engulfed in a mess of construction. 

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TL;DR With the construction of the Royalmount taking place in the town of Mount-Royal, residents in surrounding areas have grown frustrated with the chaos and traffic. A brief to discuss the project will take place tonight and Thursday. More details below.

The Royalmount project, a giant shopping and entertainment centre that will be built within Mount Royal on the border with the Montreal borough of St-Laurent, is about to transform that area of Montreal Island. Construction work has already led to traffic jams in Saint-Laurent.

Via carbonleo

Via carbonleo

The borough is next to highways 15 and 40, where the bulk of construction is taking place. Because of the closures and traffic jams, local streets are being used as short cuts to avoid the car pile-up. The Saint-Laurent borough is presenting a brief this Wednesday evening and on Thursday this week to discuss the negative impacts of the Royalmount and some changes the borough can make to accomodate residents.

Proposals include the extension of the orange line to Bois-Franc station and the creation of a tramway that would link the Namur station to the airport and Cavendish Boulevard South to the west of Montreal.

Via carbonleo

But new modes of transportation aren't the only subject on the table. Meeting attendees will also discuss the very validity of creating another mega-shopping centre. The question is whether or not residents really need another major commerical building when construction could be done in the town of Mount-Royal to create parks, schools, housing, or other centres that would contribute to quality of life.

Regardless, traffic in the two jurisdictions is out of control and will continue to cause headaches until the project is complete, which might be as many as 20 years in the future.

Do you think the construction on the Royalmount should proceed? Stay tuned for more updates on the project.

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