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Map Of BEST The Restaurants We Wish We Had In Quebec And Their Closest Location

The most delicious road trip you'll ever take.
Map Of BEST The Restaurants We Wish We Had In Quebec And Their Closest Location

While there's no question that Quebec has a lot to offer to foodies of all kinds, there is always room for improvement. But until these chains set up shop within our borders, it looks like a road trip is your best bet for munching at the mouthwatering spots below.

Some of these chains used to call Quebec home and left, others have never graced la belle province. So where can you find an IHOP stack or bottomless soup and salad at an Olive Garden?

Well, we've done the research, and the map below will show you exactly where to find the best that Quebec doesn't have to offer.

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TL;DR There are a ton of amazing restaurants and fast food joints we don't have in Quebec - but that doesn't mean they're out of reach. We found the closest locations to satiate you and maybe inspire your next road trip!

The map below shows exactly where the closest spots are to find some of these foodie rareties. (Okay, they aren't rareties for some people, but for us they are.) Some of us long for the day with a Popeye's on the Plateau, or a Chipotle in Centreville. 

Until then, we must road trip! Take a look at all the spots we've featured on our map below.

Olive Garden

Bottomless soup and salad?! I am HERE for it. Don't you dare say it's the same as East Side Mario's.

I once had a math teacher pay me to buy Olive Garden salad dressing when he found out I was going on vacation. That says something about the quality of this salad dressing.

Find on the map.

Popeye's Lousiana Chicken

Again, don't try and come here saying, "Just go to KFC."

It's not the same!!!!

Find on the map.


Just look at that fluffy stack... and that perfect little ball of butter.

You haven't had pancakes until you've had IHOP pancakes... and you know it.

Find on the map.

White Castle

If Harold and Kumar managed to make two whole movies about hunting down their nearest White Castle, we figured we better include on our list too.

Plus, wavy fries, guys. Wavy fries.

Find on the map.


If you're boycotting Chick-fil-A, we support you.

If you're not... we're not looking.

Find on the map.


While there are some local and home-grown burrito favourites in Montreal, like Icehouse or Lola Rosa, there's nothing quite like the quick-serve counter of Chipotle.

Though, if you're ever on the East Coast of Canada, Burrito Jax has my heart forever.

Find on the map.

Whole Foods

To be honest, with all the amazing local markets in Montreal that pop up every summer, it's hard to feel like we really need a Whole Foods.

But, I'm also too broke to buy organic most days, so I'm sure there are people out there that would love to have this mecca of health foods on their corner.

Find on the map.

Chuck E. Cheese's

Ahhhh, Chuck E Cheese's. I remember it well, from many childhood birthday parties in Ontario.

They really did take the McDonald's playplace feeling and turn it up to 11. While it's probably too late for most of us to appreciate all that Chuckie's has to offer these days, it really is a place of dreams.

Find on the map.


I mean, look at that photo.

This menu is clearly a must when it comes to food experiences.

Find on the map.

Red Lobster

I am officially hungry. Look at that SPREAD!!

There is nothing quite like Red Lobster, and this photo just goes to show it.

Find on the map.

Dunkin' Donuts

I mean, it's hard to feel like we need Dunkin Donuts when we have Timmies, but that doesn't mean we weren't sad to see them go.

America runs on Dunkin, and you can, too if you just take a lil roadie.

Find on the map.


There's nothing quite like a slice of classic New York City style 'za.

Sbarros is also known for their other Italian style dishes, so get ready to get garlic'd up!

Find on the map.

Sonic Drive-In

Another American staple that truly makes me jealous whenever it's featured in movies or TV shows, Sonic know is known for their tots and their Titanic drinks.

Find on the map.


Easily found in Ontario, Panera bread has yet to make its way to Quebec. Though the bakery-style chain has some lofty prices, their sandwiches and soups are to die for.

Find on the map.

Trader Joe's

@traderjoesembedded via

A road trip is simply not complete without a stop at Trader Joe's. What was once a simple corner store has evolved into a household staple for many, who rely on their unique and delicious creations.

Find on the map.

We hope we've inspired you, or at the very least made you hungry.

Where will you munch next?!

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