A massive silver hand sculpture has shown up on the roof of the Phi Centre building in the Old Port. 

With three fingers wrapped over the roof of the building and one long-nailed finger pointing up at the sky, it's rather ominous. The Phi Centre posted the image on Instagram with the hashtag #outofhand which could be a simple play on words as to the size of the sculpture or commentary on their current exhibit >HUM(AI)N.

You can take a look yourself by heading down to the St. Pierre location, it's quite a sight!

The >HUM(AI)N exhibit asks what it means to be human in today's technology-driven and advanced world.

Currently featured is the installation We Could Be Human: A Learning Machine, where the public is able to interact in real-time with an artificial intelligence 'digital being' called Ophelia.  

Created by David Usher (Reimagine AI), and with the support of iLLOGIKA, MILA and the Canada Media Fund, the AI display will learn more about what it means to be human, and basically, become smarter by talking to people.

She can't read yet but she can recite poetry in French and English and is working towards understanding 22 languages. Usher is already working on Ophelia's little brother, Saka. 

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With the Phi Centre's >HUM(AI)N exhibit, maybe the massive hand statue is simply pointing to the future, a gesture towards things to come. Or maybe it's nothing more than a representation of a digital hand.

We weren't the only ones to take notice of the sculpture, it looks like a few people across Montreal have noticed the hand and posted the pics to Instagram.

According to Phi Centre, the piece will remain on the roof throughout the summer. So you still have a few weeks to see it. 


WHEN: Throughout the summer

WHERE: 407 Rue Saint-Pierre