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A Mini Horse Mysteriously Appeared In Montreal And No One Knows Where It Came From

Stay golden, Pony boy.
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A Mini Horse Mysteriously Appeared In Montreal And No One Knows Where It Came From

UPDATE: The mini-horse was a hoax created by TVA.

Early last Sunday and yesterday morning, eyewitness accounts claim that a mini horse was roaming Parc Jean-Drapeau. No one knows where the tiny horse came from or how it even got on l’île Sainte Hélène. Gilles Bouchard, who first saw the mini horse, has started a Facebook group 'Sauvons le mini-cheval' to mobilize the public to help bring the stout little fellow back home. 

At MTL Blog, we love animals, especially mini versions of them. We want to make sure this kind little horse is found. Photos from the scene indicate that the horse is white with a pink mane. Kind of like a unicorn. The microscopic horse has a harness around its head, which probably means they belong to someone.

Mr. Bouchard has sent us some photos that we can share with you all. If you recognize this horse or know who they could belong to, please contact Mr. Bouchard on his official Facebook group. The SPCA has confirmed with me that their inspection team is on the case. 

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TL;DR  A mini horse has been found roaming l’île Sainte Hélène early Sunday and yesterday morning. No one knows how the horse ended up there. A Facebook group is trying to help find the owner of the teeny horse. 

Apparently, Mr. Bouchard tried to approach the miniature horse to see if it was ok but it galloped off into the distance. Here's what the horse looks like:

As you can clearly see, the horse is indeed quite minuscule.

It's actually adorable which makes the fact that it's all alone in the cold dark forests of l’île Sainte Hélène all the more troubling.

The pocket-sized horse was last seen early yesterday morning. According to an anonymous jogger, the horse was just hanging out by the main road. 

It's dangerous for such a diminutive mount to be so close to fast-moving cars. The public is just aghast at this. On Facebook, Sylvie Morin has commented "pauvre petit cœur, aidé le." 

Let's get this horse home, people, my heart can't stand it anymore!

I sincerely hope that someone recognizes this noble steed.

If you stumble upon the mini horse next time you're on l’île Sainte Hélène, please try to help it any way you can,  by either contacting the SPCA or by contacting this Facebook page that is hoping to help the little stallion.


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