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A Mini-Tornado Touched Down In The Old Port Of Montreal On Sunday (VIDEO)

They're called "dust devils" but mini-tornado sounds really cute.
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A Mini-Tornado Touched Down In The Old Port Of Montreal On Sunday (VIDEO)

Montreal is famous for extremely bizarre weather. In one year, can we experience scorching 40° summers and bone-chilling winter temperatures -25° and lower! Apparently, we have to worry about tornadoes now, too. 

Ok, I'll settle down - maybe not tornadoes per se, but a tornado's baby cousin. Over the weekend, travel bloggers and friends of MTL Blog, Steph & Flo spotted a dust devil that formed in the Old Port. This impressive natural phenomenon appeared for a brief instance and vanished just as quick. 

Dust devils form when a swirling updraft of hot, dry air mixes with cooler air to create a twisting, tornado-like shape that is rarely dangerous, but still quite impressive. They only form under perfect conditions - when there's little wind on a flat, dusty plain. 

The video, seen below, shows an impressive column of air swirling around a low-trafficked area in the Old Port. 

This one was a little baby dust devil that dissipated shortly after it appeared. It huffed and puffed but didn't blow the house down! It rose to an impressive height, despite everything. 

Dust devils can form anywhere on Earth but usually in temperate climates or summer conditions like we saw over the weekend. Yesterday, Montreal experienced a gorgeous day that wasn't too hot, not too cold and with almost no humidity. 

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While it's rare, some dust devils have been seen as large as 1000 metres tall. The largest devils can cause damage to property and be dangerous, but never come anywhere near the destructive force of a tornado. 

This wasn't the first nor will it be the last time a dust devil will touch down in Montreal. We're lucky that Steph & Flo captured one so large and proud to be a dust devil! 

[rebelmouse-image 26890471 photo_credit="Les voyages de Steph & Flo" expand=1 original_size="565x900"] Les voyages de Steph & Flo

This little guy, seen above at the end of his cycle, will not soon be forgotten!

Watch the MTL Blog video below for more information!

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You gotta hand it to Montreal's crazy weather, amirite? 

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