A Montreal Burlesque Performer Claims Kylie Jenner Copied Her Look At The Met Gala

Her Versace creation may be a rip-off of burlesque artist Lavender May
A Montreal Burlesque Performer Claims Kylie Jenner Copied Her Look At The Met Gala

Fashion is a self-referential art, with designers constantly looking the work of their predecessors and peers to find new inspiration. This means that the line between being influenced by a look and copying a look is very thin.

This was evident at this year's Met Gala, with the theme being "Camp: Notes on Fashion," where many celebrities came dressed to excess and referencing classic 'camp' icons.

However, in some cases the resemblance is so uncanny that some have made claims of plagiarism. This is what happened at the Met Gala, with Kylie Jenner wearing a dress shockingly similar to that of Lavender May, a Montreal-based burlesque artist. May is reproaching the social media guru for taking her idea.

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Lavender May posted this photo to her Instagram page on Tuesday, the day after the Met Gala.

The two looks, down to Lavender's signature purple hair, are incredibly similar. Jenner's dress was designed by Versace, while Lavender May made the dress herself.

In an interview with Narcity, May revealed that she found the textiles on St-Hubert, and that they were the end of the roll.

She goes on to state, "I did not have the budget and materials to make the dress exactly like the sketch I put on Instagram in 2016, with the 'balls' of fur on the shoulders. Kylie has her balls on her shoulders."

You can see the 2016 sketch below:

She created the look for a burlesque show, where she performed with Dita Von Teese. The look, she states, is uniquely her, and she was proud of the hard work that went into creating it.

Though she said that she was at first shocked by the ressemblance, she is now more flattered than anything else, and joked that maybe Versace should hire her.

You can find Lavender May on her personal Instagram. She also has an online boutique which can be found here.