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There's An Adult Version Of Dunkaroos In Montreal & We Taste-Tested Them For You (PHOTOS)

Childhood dreams come true.
There's An Adult Version Of Dunkaroos In Montreal & We Taste-Tested Them For You (PHOTOS)

Recently, we let you guys know about a Montreal company that is making the adult version of Dunkaroos. And, as someone who has always loved Dunkaroos, I knew I had to try them for myself. Sundaiz is the local company behind these decadent treats and after stalking its Instagram page, I almost instantly ordered myself a box.

And, let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

I wanted to try an array of cookies and dips, so I splurged a little bit and opted for the mixed assorted box.

Inside, there was a little bit of everything, from confetti confessions, which are birthday cake cookies, to cinnamon roll cookies to triple chocolate chunk and oreo covered in chocolate chip.

It is safe to say that I was in heaven with every bite I took. 

I also tried the Fudgee-o covered in chocolate chip cookie, the double chocolate cookie, the chocolate chunk and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

While I did not eat them in one sitting, I easily could have. 

I decided to pair the cookies with three different dipping dips. I went for the cookies and cream, confetti cookie dip, and the cookie dough dip.

As much as I loved all of the dip and cookie combinations, I must say that the birthday cake cookies and confetti dip had to be my favourite.

It truly reminded me of my youth where I would spend my lunchbreak munching on the vanilla Dunkaroos that my mom packed in my lunchbox. 

[rebelmouse-image 26885064 photo_credit="katinagee | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="722x992"] katinagee | Instagram

Not only is this one of the most decadent desserts I have ever had, but the freshness and flavour housed in every bite created a party within my mouth that I was happy to host. 

These delicious cookies will cost you anywhere between $4 and $6.

And, in my experience, they are worth every penny.

There are a ton of other flavours to try out which I am fairly certain will be as delicious as everything I tried. 

[rebelmouse-image 26885065 photo_credit="katinagee | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="728x1060"] katinagee | Instagram

Sundaiz is owned and run by local Montrealers who are on their way to becoming the top cookie company in the city.

Everything that is baked up in their kitchen is made entirely from scratch and all of their products are nut-free.

They even offer vegan cookies for those of you who try to stay away from dairy. 

Sundaiz Cookies & Dip

[rebelmouse-image 26885066 photo_credit="katinagee | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="740x986"] katinagee | Instagram

You can order by phone at 1-866-Sundaiz, by UberEats, by its Instagram page, or by sending an email of your order to


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