A Montreal Company Is Making Adult Dunkaroos & They're Irresistible

Sundaiz takes cookies to a whole new level!
A Montreal Company Is Making Adult Dunkaroos & They're Irresistible

Were Dunkaroos one of your favourite snacks while growing up? If so, we've got some good news for you. We've just discovered a local Montreal company named Sundaiz that makes cookie dip, with cookies to go with it, from scratch. And if you ask us, the combination is basically a much larger version of Dunkaroos.

The company is owned and run by two local Montrealers who are working their way up to be the top cookie bakers in the city.

These decadent cookie dips will cost you anywhere between $4 and $6, but to relive a childhood memory, that seems like a small cost, right?

When choosing what cream to dip your cookies in, you've got the options of confetti, cookies and cream, cannoli, cookie dough, salted caramel, and chocolate ganache.

There's have a slew of other flavours that will be coming soon including tiramisu, lemon, cinnamon, and s'mores — all of which sound better than the next.

Everything that Sundaiz creates is made entirely from scratch. Since the owners are both allergic to nuts, all of their products are nut-free. And, they even offer vegan cookie options too.

Just look at them... 

These adult Dunkaroo-like creations aren't the only thing that is worth trying from Sundaiz either.

The company also makes giant cookies (125 grams), normal-sized cookies, and cookie cakes for customers to indulge in.

Sundaiz is also working on creating some new products, which the owner told MTL Blog will be "more than cookies."

For those of you who are already craving one of these sweet treats, know that you can choose to pick them up or have them delivered to your house.

And, if you live outside of Montreal, there's a shipping option so that you don't miss out.

Each order takes between 24 and 48 hours to make, depending on how big the order is.

Just keep that in mind before your craving kicks in!

These decadent desserts are the ideal way of spoiling yourself. Let yourself fall into a complete sugar daze with these deliciously sweet creations.

You won't regret one bite of it! 

You can order by phone at 1-866-Sundaiz, by UberEats, by its Instagram page, or by sending an email of your order to yummy@sundaiz.ca.


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