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A Teddy Bear Drove Around Montreal Playing Music & You Can Spot Him Every Week (Video)

Only in Montreal!
A Montreal DJ Dressed As A Teddy Bear Drove Around The City Playing Music (Video)
  • "Cruis’n with Geoff," a video series from the Montreal DJ and local club newHaūs, chronicles his adventures as he drives around the city playing music in his signature costume.
  • Though it's closed, the club continues to offer Montrealers an escape from the real world madness.

It seems as though everyone is trying their best to stay sane and positive during these uncertain and confusing times. From free online courses to rainbow escapades, people are doing what they can to offer distractions and help others. But one Montreal DJ has gone above and beyond to put a smile on locals' faces, driving around the city spinning tunes in his signature teddy bear attire.

Geoff, a resident DJ at newHaūs, is known for his costume.

"He is kind of our mascot," say the owners of the club.

Geoff posted the video on his Instagram page with the caption: "I dj’ed in a moving car with a dude in a gas mask and a guy with a gold face. Finna does it every week now. Quarantine is now entertaining."

The DJ plans to drive around the city for an hour every week and chronicle the adventure in a video series called "Cruis’n with Geoff."

On Facebook, the first video has been viewed over 32,000 times.

newHaūs is a Montreal speakeasy that opened in June 2019.

Designed to resemble a bomb shelter, the club quickly became a popular attraction.

It has closed and postponed all events due to the current situation, but continues to offer Montrealers a fun escape from the real world madness.

The club launched The Quarantine Sessions to "give back to our community and give [...] artists a platform to create content for their fans," one of the owners tells MTL Blog.

Every evening, a different Montreal DJ will play a set and live stream it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Keep your eyes out for a roaming teddy bear DJ in the coming weeks and stay tuned to the newHaūs Facebook page to follow The Quarantine Sessions.

Stay tuned for more Montreal antics.

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