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A Montreal Juliette & Chocolat Location Is Having Free Hot Cocoa Tastings This Weekend

The owners at arguably one of the best hot chocolate restaurants in Montreal, Juliette & Chocolat have decided to spread the Christmas cheer a little bit early this year by surprising us with a great reason to visit the store. This weekend, from Friday, November 22 to Sunday, November 24, the Juliette & Chocolate restaurant in NDG is giving away free hot cocoa tastings.

On the menu are two of its famous hot chocolate recipes, the dark chocolate or, if you prefer something a little lighter, the chocolat au lait will also be available. Or hey, bring a friend, get crazy and sample both of them. It's free! 

Unfortunately, this isn't citywide. The tastings will only take place at the NDG location on Monkland. So make sure you make it to the correct store! 

As we're dealing with a rather miserable November so far, this is a nice treat to warm us up — if only for an hour before heading back into the icy cold of Montreal. 

The Monkland location is open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and closes up at 11 p.m. on Sundays — so there's lots of time to drop in for a free tasting.  

The restaurant will also be offering 10% off on its hot chocolate Nuit Magique mix for the weekend, which is a nice addition to any cupboard during the winter.

Walking into a Juliette & Chocolat without falling into a full-fledged, drooling chocolate frenzy can be difficult. Many of us know this from experience. Everything on the menu tends to bring out the childlike, "I want that....and that....and that...." aspect of our personalities. So, getting a few free tastings is a bit of payback. 

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Customers are able to taste both flavours and each tasting is a rather generous half cup. If you still want more though, you will have to shell out and choose your favourite. 

Just to note again, the free tastings are only at the Monkland location. It's easy to get to and only about a five-minute walk from Villa-Maria metro station. 

Free Tastings at Juliette & Chocolat in NDG

When: November 22 - 24

Where: 5549 Monkland 

Cost: Free!


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