A Montreal School Bus Got Sucked Into A Giant Pothole (Photos)

Montreal resident Nathalie Rivest snapped some photos of a rather unusual scene in Montreal's Montréal-Nord borough yesterday. A school bus got stuck in a giant hole in the ground. Though no one was hurt, it took a tow truck and some employees from the Service de l’eau de la Ville de Montréal to pull the bus out of its precarious situation.

Each spring, as the snow begins to thaw, it becomes obvious that winter has once again wreaked havock on the city's roads and water systems. This year is no exception. From broken water mains to flooded streets, the city has a lot of repair work to do already.

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TL;DR A school bus got stuck in a giant hole in the ground yesterday in the borough of Montréal Nord. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The hole that engulfed the bus was actually caused by an underground water leak. The hole is actuallly too big and deep to be considered a pothole, according to the Journal de Montréal. But is there such a thing as a pothole too deep in Montreal's famously cratered streets?

Via Nathalie Rivest

Though the bus was carrying school children at the time of the accident, no one was hurt.

These hilarious shots were taken at the corner of Lanthier and Aubin streets in Montréal-Nord. I'm not sure what makes this the most Montreal photo ever: the giant pothole or the abundance of orange cones.

Via Nathalie Rivest

Repairs were already underway today. It took a tow truck to lift the bus out of the impressive hole.

Drive carefully out there! As warmer temperatures arrive and ice beneath pavement melts, potholes form.

Stay tuned.


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