A Montreal Sidewalk Plow Destroyed Part Of A Downtown Dépanneur (Photos)

The damage is remarkable.
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A Montreal Sidewalk Plow Destroyed Part Of A Downtown Dépanneur (Photos)

Montreal plows do not have a good reputation. Despite their drivers' extraordinary workload, Montrealers continue to view them with suspicion and contempt. It is true that anything less than complete attention and absolute commitment to their task could result in a treacherously icy street or unnavigable sidewalk. Any degree of carelessness could further result in damaged property.

Unfortunately, such seems to bethe case this week in downtown Montreal, where a sidewalk plow clipped the corner of a dépanner and shattered part of the façade. MTLBlog reader Mars Xu shared photos of the damage.

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TL;DR A Montreal sidewalk plow destroyed part of the storefront of a dépanneur on the corner of rues St-Marc and Ste-Catherine. Photos are below. The owner of the dep says he is working with the owner of the plow company toward a solution.

Via Mars Xu

Via Mars Xu

According to the owner of this Dépanneur 7 jours at the corner of rues St-Marc and Ste-Catherine, the plow tore down part of the wall while attempting to turn onto the commerical thoroughfare.

The owner went on to explain that he and the owner of the snow plow company are working toward a solution, but did not elaborate. In the meantime, dep employees have covered the damaged glass with plywood.

Via MTLBlog

The extent of the damage that the small plow inflicted is truly remarkable.

Via Mars Xu

Thankfully, perhaps, Montrealers will not have to see snow plows for much longer. The snowfall over the weekend may have been the last the city will see for awhile. Double-digit temperatures are only days away!

In closing, while incidents like these contribute to the ill repute of Montreal snow plows and their operators, these labourers work extremely hard day and night to clear streets and sidewalks, and for that, we are forever grateful.

Stay tuned.

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