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A Montreal Woman Is Demanding Her Ex-Husband Pay Her $13,000,000 And $50,000 A Month After Their Divorce

It could be the most expensive divorce the city has ever had.
A Montreal Woman Is Demanding Her Ex-Husband Pay Her $13,000,000 And $50,000 A Month After Their Divorce

Most of us are probably familiar with what a divorce usually looks like: lots of papers, lawyers, a court date, and possibly a bit of frustration and disagreement. The two people getting a divorce divide their money and items and part ways. There's also something else, called spousal support, that is given to the individual that made less money in the relationship. 

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TL;DR A Montreal area woman is demanding $13 million as well as $50,000 a month in support from her ex-husband after a lengthy and messy divorce. The multi-billion dollar relationship could be the most expensive divorce the city has ever had. More details below.

Seems pretty fair, right? Well, one Montreal woman seems to think so, too. As a part of her divorce agreement, she's demanding $50,000 a month from her now ex-husband. Not only that, but she's also asking for $13 million more. Maybe it isn't too much to ask, since her ex-spouse is a multi-billionaire. 

They were married in 2015, and although things started out great with expensive trips around the world and and hotel stays worth thousands of dollars, things quickly spiralled into a disaster.

The marriage resulted in failure due to the treatment the woman began to receive from her husband, according to Le Journal de Montreal.

For instance, her husband had a system of counting the wine bottles in their home every day to ensure his then-wife wasn't drinking any in his absence. In court, he also demanded to be paid pack for a film his ex-wife had rented on their TV, which usually costs $6. 

Although he is a multi-billionaire, the woman gave him $6 as per his request, which he promptly accepted. Needless to say, this is definitely a relationship better off coming to an end.

Believing she needs enough funds to properly support her lifestyle, which would be similar to how it was during her marriage, she's demanding $13 million within 30 days after their divorce is settled, as well as $50,000 every month in support.

Despite her ex-husband already paying $10,000 a month in fees, the woman wants to purchase a home in Montreal, which she assumes will cost at least $3 million.

In case you were wondering, the divorce alone cost around $300,000 in legal fees, with equal division of their Montreal property valued at $12 million, equal division of their second home in the Laurentians valued at $4.4 million, equal share of the man's condo in Florida valued at $60 million, and equal sharing of the net worth of 4 vehicles and two boats, valued at $500,000.

This could possibly be the most expensive divorce to ever happen in Montreal.

Do you think the settlement is fair?


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