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A Montreal Woman Is Trying To Save Her Dog's Life After The City Ordered It Euthanized

A petition to save the dog already has over 3,000 signatures.
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A Montreal Woman Is Trying To Save Her Dog's Life After The City Ordered It Euthanized
  • Ekaterina Khramova is appealing to the public to help save her dog's life after an unfortunate event resulted in an order from the city of Montreal to put it down.
  • In addition to an online petition, Khramova has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her legal fees.

An incident that violated a Montreal animal bylaw late this August could force a Montreal woman to put down her beloved 5-year-old German shepherd, Mooshka. 

Ekaterina Khramova was walking her dog when a small Yorkshire terrier came out of someone's backyard and ran barking at her dog.

Mooshka got spooked and picked up the small Yorkie but with so much force that the small dog died of its injuries. Mooshka was leashed and Khramova tells MTL Blog that the shepherd has a diagnosed anxiety condition. 

"I’ve sent an argument and note from her veterinarian saying she’s only anxious and not aggressive and that we will start her on anxiety meds. We also met with a trainer who said the same thing and that her behaviour can be fixed in 6 months. I don’t want her to die for this," says Khramova. 

A Montreal bylaw plainly states that "a dog that causes the death of a person or other animal belonging to a person" is considered "dangerous." If a dog is declared a public danger by local authorities, the owner must "euthanize the animal within 48 hours of the euthanization order." 

Khramova is currently fighting the ruling in court as she says Mooshka is her emotional support animal.

"I struggle with BPD and PTSD and losing my dog could be fatal for me as well," she tells MTL Blog. "The town doesn’t care and is cruel and lawyers fees are crazy expensive."

[rebelmouse-image 26889130 photo_credit="Ekaterina Khramova" expand=1 original_size="576x384"] Ekaterina Khramova

We reached out to Goldwater-Dubé, the firm in charge of Khramova's case. Since the case is still in court, they couldn't share specifics."

"An application for judicial review has been filed against the City of Montreal," says the attorney.

"In cases like this, the owner of an animal that the city ordered to be euthanized must contest the administrative decision by way of a request for judicial review, which is a request to the Court to decide whether the decision to euthanize should be upheld or quashed."

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"The application for judicial review would also normally contain a request to suspend the city's euthanasia order until the Court renders a final judgment on the matter," says Goldwater-Dubé. 

According to CTV News, Mooshka also attacked another dog a few days after the first incident. 

[rebelmouse-image 26889131 photo_credit="Ekaterina Khramova" expand=1 original_size="1200x800"] Ekaterina Khramova

Still, Khramova hopes that the motion to suspend Mooshka's euthanization will pass. An online petition has been circulating and currently has 3,674 signatures (and counting). 

Khramova has even started a GoFundMe page, asking for public support to help pay her legal fees. 

[rebelmouse-image 26889132 photo_credit="Ekaterina Khramova " expand=1 original_size="576x384"] Ekaterina Khramova

The Montreal city council passed the current version of the municipal animal by-laws last year.

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