Montreal's first non-alcoholic bar, Mindful Bar, is opening its doors this Thursday night

At first I was a bit confused...a bar, that doesn't serve any alcohol? How can that be? 

But it's a really unique concept. If you want to drink and party the night away, Montreal has every sort of venue to tickle your fancy. But if you want to party the night away without the drunk beside you slurring sweet nothings in your ear, the options are limited

And the owners of Mindful Bar are capitalizing on this gap in nightlife

The drinks won't be any old thing. There will be a heavy focus on creating mocktails with real flare using herb-infused syrups and the knowledge of seasoned mixologists. They will also serve alcohol-free wine and beer

I mean, just look at these drinks!

Sober events have been trending in the last year, whether it's giving up alcohol for good or just doing a dry 30 days. Having the option of a safe space with the same type of high-energy, music and vibe that a regular club would have can be a godsend. 

It's a lot harder to give in to temptation when it's not an option. And it's a great place to meet like-minded people

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The grand opening July 18th will feature DJ Sugarface and DJ Elvis Cocho. Mindful Bar is 18+ only, but this Thursday children are welcome between 6–8PM. 

Mindful Bar has events lined up through July ranging from mindfulness meditation seminars to some of the best known Montreal musicians performing

According to their mission, they really want to create a sober community focused on real connections.

Whatever your reason for not drinking is, this looks like a great escape

Here's everything you need to know.

WHAT: Mindful Bar Grand Opening

WHEN: July 18th at 6 PM

WHERE: 3945-A St. Denis