A New Burger And Wine Bar Is Coming To Montreal

It will be tucked away in the Montreal Old Port.
A New Burger And Wine Bar Is Coming To Montreal

According to Eater Montreal, Montreal chain Uniburger is opening its very own bar in the Montreal Old Port.

Dubbed "Unibar," the new space will reportedly serve Uniburger's famous, usual fare along with along with wine pairings

The combination of a burger joint and wine bar is likely to intrigue Montrealers, who are famous for both their proclivity for fast foods and voracious drinking culture. This democratization of wine is especially exciting.

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TLDR: Eater Montreal reports that a burger and wine bar by Montreal chain Uniburger is coming to the Old Port.

Eater points out that the bar already has its own Instagram page, promising "🍔 Burgers & Vin Nature 🍷" but so far only sharing relatable photos of celebrities stuffing their faces — likely in the spirit of the boundary-shattering concept of the bar, itself.

The bar will be a collaboration between Uniburger and Tommy Café, Eater continues. With two locations, according to its website, Tommy is known for its bright, casual atmosphere. 

Details are few and there is so far no indication as to how the bar will look or feel, but a restaurant that combines the retro vibe of Uniburger and the chic interiors of Tommy would be a spectacular space.

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Last month, Uniburger's classic patty on a potato bun was named best in Canada.

"Consistently brilliant; when you throw in one of their famous shakes and those perfect fries you’ll leave a very happy customer," wrote Big 7 Travel.

Yesterday I had a burger from @UNIBURGER and I think it was the best burger I've ever had in my life.

May 9, 2017

Expectations are high for this new burger and wine bar. But the menu will be enough to draw crowds. 

Unibar will be located at 404 St Sulpice St., says Eater.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting addtion to the Montreal food landscape.