Cirque du Soleil Is Launching A New Big Top Show In Montreal

Expect "monumental kinetic geometry!"
Cirque du Soleil Is Launching A New Big Top Show In Montreal
  • Cirque du Soleil has announced that it is debuting a new big top show in Montreal in the spring of 2020.
  • The new production promises to stay true to the company's roots while offering spectators a refreshing new spectacle.

Cirque du Soleil has just announced a new Big Top Show production that is set to open in Montreal this spring! The company has yet to disappoint when it comes to its productions. And on April 23, 2020, in Old Montreal, the new show, written by the talented Es Devlin, will make its grand debut. 

Staying true to its roots, Cirque du Soleil’s latest vision will feature dazzling performances designed to impress and shock the audience. This show is presented to us by Sun Life Global Investments and is bound to set your soul on fire in all the right ways.

Fans will meet under the big top to share a memorable experience. “At the roots of Cirque are exceptionally skilled humans performing at the limits of what is humanly possible," said Ed Devlin. 

"There are no words, no text. But the strongest story is understood," he continued. "2,000 people all willing someone not to fall. It’s a potent communal experience, a travelling tent full of 2,000 strangers, all realizing at once that when it comes down to falling or flying, we all want the same thing.”

This bold production will be the company's 51st original production and 20th Big Top Show. 

Vice President of Creation, Daniel Fortin stated that “in working with iconic visual artist Es Devlin to lead this new creation, we are committed to making a strong and absolutely distinctive creative statement in 2020. This show marks not only the start of a new decade but also an exciting new era for Cirque.”

Devlin’s creative vision will touch the audience through uplifting choreography, vibrant music, and striking visuals, all combined with impressive acrobatics.

Creation Director Chantal Tremblay said that the "intention for this show is to surprise the audience with something bold, daring and visually exciting." The show offers a "fresh creative take on what we are.”

Spectators should expect “monumental kinetic geometry glowing with vibrant colour and light.” It is safe to say that this will be a creative journey for all those lucky enough to see it. 

New Cirque du Soleil Big Top Show

When: Debuting April 23, 2020

Where: Old Montreal

Cirque Club members can purchase tickets on the company website here!

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