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A New French Takos Is Opening Soon In Montreal & Will Serve Chicken Nugget Tacos

A little taste of heaven.
A New French Takos Is Opening Soon In Montreal & Will Serve Chicken Nugget Tacos
  • Montreal is getting a brand new taco joint, French Takos, and it looks like it's going to be what dreams are made of.
  • Their famous sandwiches are a fusion between a tortilla, burrito, taco, and quesadilla
  • See pictures of these decadent sandwiches below!

In Europe, a fusion between a tortilla, burrito, taco, and quesadilla quickly won the hearts of the locals. This tasty and generously filled sandwich has everything to your taste buds have ever wanted. And we have good news for you. This will be available at a brand new French Takos, which is soon going to open its doors in our city.

There are already two other French Takos in Montreal, at 275, rue Jean-Talon and 1448, rue Mackay. But, the company recently revealed the location of its new spot, which will be at 1576, ave. Mont-Royal. The opening date has yet to be announced.

The owners, therefore, advise you to stay tuned so that you don't miss any details surrounding this announcement.

The sandwiches are made with high-quality ingredients including meat and Emmental cheese, which means you too will quickly become addicted to these bites straight from heaven, known as French tacos.

What's great about this restaurant is that you can create your own sandwich according to your personal tastes and desires of the moment, a little like when you create your meal at Subway.

This means everything is possible at French Takos. You'll be able to enjoy a curry sandwich, a chicken croquette sandwich or a 100% vegetarian, and cheese sandwich.

You'll even have the choice to garnish your taco with fries to make it even more delectable.

Among the cheese choices, you will be able to choose the one you prefer between The Laughing Cow, cream cheese, Boursin, blue cheese, brie, Swiss cheese, cheese curds, or cheddar.

Needless to say, the cheese options are practically endless.

As for the other toppings offered, ground beef, smoked meat, merguez, chicken cutlet, turkey ham, chicken croquettes, breaded avocado, or grilled vegetables are available.

And there are many vegetarian options!

Finally, other options worth discovering are on the menu such as hamburgers, poutines, salads, and some sweet desserts.

French Takos

Cost: Starting at $6.99

New location: 1576, ave. Mont-Royal E.

When: Opening date to be announced

Other two locations: 275, rue Jean-Talon & 1448, rue Mackay

Why you have to go: To taste a decadent sandwich made from a delicious culinary fusion that is sure to make your taste buds go wild.


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