A New Gourmet Food Hall Is Officially Opening In Downtown Montreal Next Week

Some of the restaurants are already open!
A New Gourmet Food Hall Is Officially Opening In Downtown Montreal Next Week

No matter what you're in the mood for, you can always find something at a food court. There is nothing better than having a slew of food options under one roof. Downtown Montreal is about to get a new food hall that will satisfy all your cravings and more. 

Le Central Food Hall officially opens on October 17, but a majority of its restaurants have begun operation, for the people who are too curious to wait. 

This incredible food lovers' paradise has gathered 25 signature restaurants as a "reflection of Montreal’s culinary creativity and multiculturalism," as stated on its website. 

This food hall has teamed up with important figures from Montreal’s "gastronomic scene" and together, they have created something incredible.

Le Central is offering "a rich, diversified and affordable offer for gourmands of all tastes," which is something we can all be excited about. 

This masterful dining hall has found a home in the "cultural and creative core" of Montreal. At the corner of boulevard Saint Laurent and rue Sainte-Catherine, it is sure to become a go-to lunch spot for the numerous Montrealers living and working in the area. 

This culinary hotspot is described as a "unifying and festive destination" and, like our city itself, it will "immerse you in an irresistible atmosphere at any time of the day."

This food hall prides itself on its delectable eats, good prices and quality products. Le Central has combined the countless flavours of Montreal under one roof. 

Among the 25 restaurants and kiosks inside Le Central include Yannick, Trou de Beigne, Morso, Mignonette, Ragu, Le Standard, and Heirloom.

Let’s face it, most of our paycheck ends up going towards food. So, this luxurious yet affordable option is a gift to foodies throughout our city. 

Le Central Food Court

Price: Varies by restaurant

Cuisine: A combination of different foods and ethnicities under one roof.

Address: Corner of Boulevard Saint Laurent and Rue Saint Catherine 

Why You Need To Go: This food hall has some incredible options, all of which are perfect for a quick snack, a much-needed lunch or even to grab a filling dinner. 


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