A New Papa John's Pizza Location Is Finally Coming To Quebec

The American pizza chain is making its first incursion into the province in a decade.
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A New Papa John's Pizza Location Is Finally Coming To Quebec

Who doesn't love pizza? We're blessed with many incredible pizza chains here in Quebec and we're finally getting one of the most popular ones!

Papa John's is the fourth-largest pizza chain in the United States and is slowly making inroads in the Canadian pizza market. While we're not lacking for pizza joints, Papa John's has seen success in our country with 4 locations in Southern Ontario. 

Our colleagues at Narcity Quebec located the façade of a brand-new Papa John's location in Laval this morning. A sign on the window announces that it's opening soon! We spoke with a Papa John's representative and while they couldn't give us all the details, here's what we know!

Papa John's first started in 1984 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, selling pizzas out of a broom closet in a tavern. Since then, Papa John's has grown into a chain with over 5,000 locations around the world. 

It seems that for now, the only Papa John's that's planned for Quebec is in Laval. We didn't get confirmation from Papa John's representatives as to exactly when the store is opening, but we're thinking it's soon because they're currently hiring. 

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"We have not made an announcement about Papa John’s coming to Laval, but we will let you know when we do," says the representative. The location is in a strip mall on Boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest in Laval, near the Centropolis Mall. 

Papa John's is going to have to compete with an already stacked lineup of pizza joints in the area. They're amazing prices and speedy delivery is sure to endear the pizza chain to the public!

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Papa John's has four locations in Ontario, all in the Greater Toronto Area. The chain has seen success and hopes to replicate that success in Quebec after failing in the province in the last decade.

Papa John's has awesome classic pizza creations, including chicken wings, and various other snacks. Their most popular item is their range of homemade sauces that come with their pizza. It's recommended that you dip as much as possible!

The new Papa John's is at 3220 Boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest in Laval! It's not open yet, but it will be soon! 

Papa John's Laval Opening Soon!

Where: 3220 Boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest

When: To be determined


For employment opportunities contact: papajohnsmontreal@gmail.com

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article stated that this will be the first Papa John's franchise in Quebec. In fact, a franchise opened briefly in the last decade in Laval. The article has been updated.

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