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A Public Electric Scooter Sharing Network Is Coming To Montreal

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A Public Electric Scooter Sharing Network Is Coming To Montreal

Bixi, the rideshare program that began in Montreal in 2014, has had great success in the city. The service, which operates through both an app and physical docking stations, has made biking more accessible to the residents of Montreal.

After the succes of Bixi, a new pilot project that consists of a scooter share service will be inaugurated in Montreal. The project, championed by the transport minister and the city of Montreal, is to be introduced for the first time this spring.

This project will increase the range of public transit options for residents.

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TL;DR New electric scooters and bike rideshare services will be coming to Montreal this spring. This pilot project follows in the footsteps of other Canadian cities.

The electric scooter rideshare service is not the first of its kind. This service was inaugurated in Canada in Waterloo. The way that these scooters work is like this: people find the nearest scooter on an app, pay by the minute to use the scooters, and then leave them within a designated area.

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The companies typically pay people to round up the scooters at the end of the day, charge them up, and put them back on the street.

In a metropolis like Montreal, it is still unclear as to where these scooters can be left. The city is indicating that the scooters will be equiped with locks, and users will chain the scooters to bike stands and other designated spots.

Some cities have been reporting issues with this rideshare. Problems being brought up include riders' aversion to helmets and tendency to avoid the bike lane.

Via Lime

No companies have announced that they will be operating in Montreal yet, though both JUMP and Lime have expressed interest in working with the city. The city's permit system hopes to attract serious candidates.

Interested parties have to apply for a minimum of $15,000 for a permit, depending on their size. Companies are also required to have an office in the city.

Stay tuned.

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