A Sinkhole In Montreal's Chinatown Has Shut Down Part Of Saint-Laurent

It has totally swallowed up a streetlight.
A Sinkhole In Montreal's Chinatown Has Shut Down Part Of Saint-Laurent

Apparently, a construction company in Montreal has created a sinkhole in Chinatown that has now closed off part of rue Saint-Laurent.

When I hear "sinkhole," I think of a mystical creature in a far off land that is swallowing up old fridges.

But evidently, Montreal's Chinatown is just mystical enough that a sinkhole has started to swallow up a streetlight. Seriously, check out the video below.

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TL;DR A construction company's work in Montreal's Chinatown has resulted in a sinkhole that has swallowed up a traffic light. Video below.

It doesn't seem like much much of a hole... until you realize how much of that streetlight is underground.

It's practically the whole streetlamp! In fact, I feel like if those lights weren't there the whole pole would be underground. So it's probably safe to say if a human was walking on there, they'd totally be underground, too. 

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This stretch of Saint-Laurent between de la Gauchetiere and avenue Viger is now closed off while the city awaits the repair of the sinkhole seen in the video above.

According to MTL Blog's own Alex Melki, the sinkhole was created by a Montreal construction company that was working in Chinatown last night.

The construction crew was in the midst of digging up the asphalt on the road as part of the work they were doing on an adjacent building when the ground opened up and swallowed the street light.

Melki also spoke with the crew about who was responsible for the repairs and was informed that they are on the hook for filling the hole and financing the repairs. 

Because the city isn't on the hook for the repairs, there's no solid timeline as to when we can expect the repairs to be completed. 

As it stands, there is a current detour in effect for this stretch of Saint-Laurent, so plan your route accordingly.

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