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A UNIQLO Store Is Finally Opening In Downtown Montreal

Sainte-Cath just got a lot cooler.
A UNIQLO Store Is Finally Opening In Downtown Montreal

Just as fall fashion is becoming top of mind, we've just found out that Sainte-Catherine Street is going to be serving up even more looks before long.

Because Montreal... we're finally getting our own UNIQLO store, right downtown.

If you're unfamiliar with the Japanese brand, think of it like an American Apparel meets Topshop but where the goal is always simplicity and the prices are always reasonable.

One of the best things about UNIQLO is, without a doubt, the decision to not splash their brand name all over the clothes. Like American Apparel, they let their simple and striking designs do the talking... so that when you admire a piece on the street, you're forced to ask, "I love your sweater, where did you get it?"

And while the answer in the past would have been either online, abroad or at the Toronto Eaton's Center, now we'll soon be able to boast our very own location downtown on Sainte-Catherine.

According to the Journal de Québec, the store is looking to set up shop in the old Forever 21 location on Sainte-Catherine as part of our own Eaton Center that is currently under serious renovation.

We reached out to Ivanhoé Cambridge to learn more about these plans but their voicemail box was full... so clearly we aren't the only ones that are excited about this.

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At the end of last month, Retail Insider reported that UNIQLO had plans to open four new retail stores before the end of November, a move that would effectively double their footprint in Canada.

Unfortunately, those new locations are slated for Ontario, B.C. and Alberta, so Montreal's location could still be a little bit of a wait before we're shopping our new sleek and simplistic Japanese Fashions.

It seems that the fashion house keeps track of their Canadian store openings right on their Facebook page, with the next opening happening at the West Edmonton Mall later this month.

So, if you don't trust us to be obsessively refreshing this page until the Montreal location appears, you can keep an eye on it yourself by heading to their Events page on Facebook right here.

But, as always, we'll update you with any new information as it arises. 

In the meantime, you can always shop online at their website here.

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