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A Vegan Pop-Up Bazaar Is Opening In Montreal This Month

Pop-Up Shop Végane is coming back for its 6th edition!
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Vegan Vintage Market Bazaar

Meat and dairy-free diets have become increasingly popular this year as experts try to steer consumers toward plant-based proteins. The new Canadian Food Guide released earlier this year, for example, all but cut out dairy from the recommended diet in an effort to improve Canadians' personal health. 

Vegan diets and consuming habits have larger implications, too. Many consider the elimination of animal products the single best way individuals can reduce their carbon footprints. The meat industry is also responsible for much of the world's deforestation.

The veganism trend is especially visible in Montreal, where a handful of exciting new vegan enterprises have sprouted since the beginning of the year. This summer, Montrealers can go from the city's first-ever vegan pub to a vegan soft-serve ice cream parlour

This month, city residents can also add vegan shopping to their itinierary with a vegan pop-up shop on rue St-Denis. The Pop-Up Shop Végane, organized by the popular Resto Vego, will return for its 6th edition on July 7th.

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So far, the pop-up shop is set to have five exhibitors, according to the Facebook event page:

The shop will also host three "miniconferences" covering topics from mental health to tips to help make a vegan diet less "flat."

Live music will animate the shop all day long!

To check out the complete event details, refer to the Pop-Up Shop Végane Facebook event here!

Here's everything you need to know

What: Vegan Pop-Up Shop

Where: Resto Vego, 1720 rue St-Denis

When: Sunday July 7th, 12 PM – 5 PM


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