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A Water Lantern Festival Is Taking Place In A Lake Outside Montreal This Weekend

This is the perfect weekend to set free your own hopes and wishes.
A Water Lantern Festival Is Taking Place In A Lake Outside Montreal This Weekend
  • A water lantern festival will take place at Oka Beach outside Montreal this weekend.
  • Participants are invited to decorate their lanterns with wishes and messages of hope.
  • In keeping with the spirit of the climate strike, the lanterns are 100% biodegradable.

One of the most visually stunning events that Quebec has to offer is happening Saturday night in Montreal. The Water Lantern Festival appears in cities across the globe and tomorrow night it will be held at our very own Oka Beach.

Watch as over a thousand glowing lanterns filled with personal hopes are released to float on Lac des Deux Montagnes. It's truly a magical moment. 

The Water Lantern Festival invites guests to take part by releasing their own lantern, decorated with their personal dreams, wishes, and messages of hope and happiness. 

After Friday's massive 300,000-strong climate march in Montreal, I have a feeling that a lot of the messages will be filled with hopes and dreams about the current climate crisis. 

The doors to the event open tomorrow, September 28 at 4:30 p.m. The release of the lanterns doesn't happen until 8 p.m. giving you lots of time to decorate your lantern. Once the lanterns are released you'll be glad you were there to witness it. 

The entrance fee includes a bracelet, a commemorative cord bag, a lantern, and a marker to write your messages. Let your imagination run wild. Some guests write a simple line or two while others unleash their artistic side. There are no rules! 

It's not just all about the lanterns. Yes, the event is billed as a "peaceful and memorable experience" but that doesn't stop the fun. Expect food trucks, live music and animators on hand too. 

The festival takes place through multiple cities in Canada; Regina, Vancouver, Hamilton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Mississauga. It's regarded as the perfect place for reflection, sharing and openness. 

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In line with the climate march, all lanterns are made of wood and rice paper and are 100% ecological. The hosts of the event will collect any and all debris leftover. Because of the strict adherence to keeping the lanterns completely safe, you can't bring your own lantern.

The festival will be lit by the glow of tiki torches, adding to the overall aesthetic of an intimate and warm celebration that people from all ages and backgrounds can share.  

If you want to take part in something a little different from the usual raucous Montreal events, the Water Lantern Festival is the place to be this weekend. 

Water Lantern Festival

When: September 28; 4:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Where: 2020 Chemin d'Oka; Oka, Quebec

Cost: $50


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