A&W Is Searching Montreal For A Man With An A&W Tattoo To Give Him Free Burgers For Life

This may be a good reason to hit up your tattoo artist.
A&W Is Searching Montreal For A Man With An A&W Tattoo To Give Him Free Burgers For Life
  • A&W is trying to locate the mystery Montreal man with an A&W burger tattoo.
  • Posters, billboards, and trucks are currently broadcasting an image of the tattoo around the city.
  • A&W hopes to give the man free burgers for life.

Be on the lookout for a man (height and weight unknown) who bears only the distinguishing mark of what appears to be an A&W burger tattoo on his upper left arm. The burger chain giant has put out an all-points bulletin to find the man in question. Supposedly, the tattoo was first noticed on a tattoo artist's Instagram story and thus, the nationwide manhunt began (or, perhaps, the nationwide publicity stunt took effect). 

According to the press release, A&W has launched a social media campaign, "Who is the hamburger man?" in order to find the Montreal man in question. You can identify the man by his burger tattoo with the wording "A & Doux" below, and the faint aroma of onion rings wafting from his black t-shirt.

A&W is asking for the public's help to identify the tattooed man as they have no other information regarding his identity or whereabouts. 

As the company wants to reward the superfan for their lifelong commitment, they are ready to gift said fan with "a gift worthy of his dedication" which is burgers for life! 

While we wouldn't want to give anyone ideas, if you're an A&W fan, that is one tattoo that keeps on giving. 

Signs have been posted, murals are covering walls of Montreal, and there is even a free telephone line that has been set up should you have any information regarding the identity of this person.

Courtesy of Rethink

If you know who the Hamburger Man is, you can call 1-888-OÙ-EST-IL / 1-888-683-7845 — no word yet if there is a reward for information leading to his identity. 

The mailbox will be monitored "to identify the most promising calls." But note that due to a high volume of calls, the number may not always be operational.

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The manhunt officially launched November 15, and as of today, there is still no word on who the Hamburger Man may be. He may have gone underground due to all the publicity surrounding his simple adoration of the Mozza. 

Courtesy of Rethink

An innocent declaration of love has turned into a media frenzy — was it worth it, Hamburger Man? Was it?  

Courtesy of Rethink

So the question is: Who is the burger man? Do you know the man in the photo or are you the man in the photo? If so, call 1-888-OÙ-EST-IL / 1-888-683-7845.