Adorable Quebec Man Wows A Sold-Out Crowd At Michael Bublé Concert In Montreal

This guy went head-to-head with the Canadian crooner and came out on top!
Adorable Quebec Man Wows A Sold-Out Crowd At Michael Bublé Concert In Montreal

Michael Bublé may have taken the stage at the sold-out Bell Centre last night, but it was another man who stole the show. 

It's beenfive years since Bublé has graced Montreal with his presence. But you wouldn't know it from the love he showed our city, and that we showed him last night. It's like that best friend from school that no matter how long goes by, you're just able to fall back in sync.

As the BC native walked the stage in front of 20,000 people he mused that “there’s somebody in every audience whose dream is to sing."

And then he found that person. And pulled him onto the stage. And we were suddenly all treated to a duet of 'Unforgettable' starring golden-voiced Jacques. Check out the video below!

The video comes to us from Instagram user @snobreviewswho was quick enough to realize this was definitely a filming moment.

Singing on stage in front of that many people is one thing, but holding your ownwith afour-time Grammy award winner and let's just say it... Canadian treasure... is a feat unto itself.

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If you missed the show last night, don't worry Bublé is performing again tonight and it looks like there are still a few tickets left. But unfortunately, that doesn't include our newest favourite singer, Jacques.  

Tickets start at only $29. Who knows, while Jacques is already irreplaceable and totally unforgettable to us, maybe Bublé will find another singer in the crowd. 

It is so big of Bublé to acknowledge that dream of singing and how it exists, living dormant in so many "regular" people. 

The fact that he makes a point of pulling people on stage at his shows on a regular basis just goes to show what a cool dude he is.

Who could forget this infamous Internet moment?

Either way, I think Jacques needs his own show. Jacques, if you're out there....we need to hear you sing again! 

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