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Video Shows Air Canada Plane Losing Wheel During Takeoff From Montreal Airport

Someone also recorded the tense landing.
Air Canada Plane Loses Wheel During Takeoff From Montreal Airport (VIDEO)
  • An Air Canada passenger captured a video of one of the wheels of the plane falling off of the flight they were on, during takeoff.
  • Warning: this article is not for people who have a fear of flying...
  • Watch the video below!

If you are someone who already has a fear of flying, this might not be the article for you... A short video shared to Twitter, which you can see below, shows the terrifying moment a passenger witnessed one of the wheels of his Air Canada plane fall completely off the plane during take off. The Air Canada Express flight was headed to Saguenay from Montreal's Trudeau airport, where this is an ongoing strike.

The strike is being held by employees of Swissport, members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) union, who are responsible for refuelling at both Montreal airports, along with machinists, mechanics, dispatchers, and maintenance staff.

There are no reports to indicate that the striking workers are in any way related to this incident, though we have reached out to Air Canada for a statement about the incident.

The Air Canada Express flight was being operated by Jazz Aviation LP, according to this CBC report, who explained that the pilots were able to keep control of the aircraft and execute a safe landing, even while missing one of six wheels part of landing gear equipment. 

Here's the video, which was shared on January 3, 2020, to Twitter with the following caption:

"Ok, well, I'm currently on a plane that has just lost a wheel... 2020 is off to a good start."

In the video, you can see sparks or flames flying from the centre of the wheel.

You can also faintly hear someone say, "c'est bon," or "it's fine," right before the wheel actually falls off.

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Immediately after that, and far more clearly, you can hear someone, potentially the videographer, saying, "elle est tombée, elle est tombée!"

In English, "it fell, it fell!"

The video above shows the safe landing of the flight back at the Montreal airport, after the aircraft circled around the Montreal skies for a short period, in order to "consume fuel before returning to Montreal," CBC explains.

The plane generally has six paired wheels as part of the landing gear.

Luckily the plane was able to safely land even without its sixth wheel, and none of the passengers on board suffered any injury.

In a statement to MTL Blog Jazz Aviation, which operates the flights on behalf of Air Canada Express, explained that "the experienced pilots maintained complete control of the aircraft."

"Our pilots are well trained to deal with such situations and responded according to our standard operating procedures. After burning some fuel, the aircraft returned to Montreal and landed safely. There were no injuries."

"Emergency vehicles were called as a precautionary measure — the safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority. Our maintenance personnel in Montreal are conducting a thorough inspection of the aircraft to determine the cause and proceed with the necessary repairs."

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