Air Canada Is Having A Sale On Round-Trip Flights To Paris From Montreal

More croissants s.v.p!
Air Canada Sale On Round-Trip Flights To Paris From Montreal Comes Just In Time For Winter

When it comes to looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life, travel is always something that comes to mind. Sadly, the harsh reality for many of us is that trips cost a pretty penny. However, Air Canada is coming to the rescue with a huge sale on round-trip flights to Paris from Montreal!

Paris is a bucket list destination for many and has a natural connection to Montreal. For those who have yet to experience the city of love and lights, this is the perfect chance to do so. Ticket prices are as low as $677.

Usually, flights to Paris can range anywhere from $750 to over $1,000, depending on your travel dates. So the fact that you can fly there for just $677 is an absolute steal!

Now is your chance to pig out on the best baguettes, croissants, and cheeses you have ever tried, drink cheap, tasty wine, and have a cultural experience like never before. From the Eiffel Tower and Louvre to the sense of style and all-around essence of the city, Paris is a timeless metropolis that brings together the ancient and the contemporary.

Paris isn't the only destination for which Air Canada has slashed prices. This sale extends to several other European cities, as well.

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Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France. You and your taste buds can experience this excellence for only $756 round-trip.

If France isn’t your thing, head on over to Brussels for less than $900! The capital of Belgium is filled with gorgeous architecture, museums, and some of the most mouth-watering foods you will ever try!

This year, why not gift the experience of travel? But don’t think about it for too long because the sale on these flights ends on October 25, 2019.


When: From now until October 25, 2019

Where: All flights are leaving from Montreal.

Why: To be able to say that you gave your loved ones the best gift ever, which is a trip to Europe, obviously!

All deals can be found on the Air Canada website.

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