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Alberta Separatism Is Now Trending & Some People Are Blaming Quebec

Will we be seeing a Block Alberta in the next federal election?
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Alberta Separatism Is Now Trending & Some People Are Blaming Quebec
  • The Bloc Québécois' seat gain and the Liberals' win for a minority government in this past election have sparked a desire for Albertans to separate from the rest of Canada.
  • Many people from Alberta are scared of how Trudeau will treat their province after it voted, almost entirely, for a Conservative government.
  • Find out how people are reacting to the #wexitalberta movement on Twitter below!

The Liberals winning a minority government has left many Albertans in fear of what will happen to their province. Alberta voted overwhelmingly for a Conservative government. Many people from Alberta believe that under a Liberal government they are treated as less than in comparison to Eastern Canada, especially now, with the victories of Bloc Québécois. Trudeau says he will try to take down the oil industry, although this industry employs thousands upon thousands of Albertans.

If the TransMountain pipeline moves forward, as Liberals say it will, then, people on social media claim, the rest of Canada will further benefit from Alberta's resources. Bloc Québécois leader, Yves-François Blanchet, said that he will ensure that no pipeline will transport more oil over Quebec soil — and many Albertans do not find this idea fair. If pipelines are going to be built, and all of Canada will profit from them, they argue, shouldn't they go through all of Canada? 

So now, just like in Quebec, Alberta has a separatist movement on the rise. The Wexit Alberta movement has existed for years now but has gained immense popularity after this Canadian election. The movement is trying to become a real party in Alberta, with a full platform and constitution. The #wexitalberta hashtag has been trending on Twitter since the Liberal win was announced, and the reactions don't seem to be slowing down. 

Many are tweeting to Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, asking him to move forward with the #wexit movement.

Although Kenney has not directly answered these tweets, he has shared his letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from October 22 about his concerns of favouritism when it comes to who Trudeau chooses to serve. Kudos for Kenney on the transparency! 

The quotes that stuck out most to me in this letter include:

"A deep frustration felt by Albertans... that we have contributed enormously to the rest of the federation, but that our province and its key industry has been under attack."

"There is a very real threat to the fabric of our nation and a deep and abiding feeling of alienation felt across the west, not just in Alberta."

"There is a need for provinces, territories and the federal government to work collaboratively to guarantee the best possible outcomes for Canadians."

"A strong Alberta ensures a stronger Canada."

It doesn't seem as though Kenney is for the #wexitalberta movement, but he definitely shares the same concerns as people who are.

People from Alberta are saying that they should use Quebec's separatist values as a model for their own.

Though some point out that it would be much more difficult for an Alberta secession.


This seems to be the major question going through the minds of many Albertans:

In the next federal election, we may just see a Block Alberta.

This Canadian election has definitely sparked a divide between Eastern and Western Canada.

And many are blaming this divide on Trudeau and his government.

Not everyone in Alberta is for the #wexitalberta movement, but that doesn't mean they don't have things they believe need to be changed.

Shouldn't Canada unite and fix its problems as a country, rather than have two provinces that want to leave? It seems that too many voices are not being heard.

The Albertan followers of the #wexit movement are seeking the same freedoms that they believe Quebec has.

It's no secret that many are criticizing the #wexitalberta movement.

Some are claiming the entire movement is a waste of time since Quebec and Alberta are both unlikely to ever actually separate from the rest of Canada.

One thing is for sure, people are beginning to see Quebec and Alberta as more similar than we once thought.

And then there are some who say no one should be complaining since we live in a democratic country.

But, is all this critiquing of Alberta a double standard in regard to Quebec's separatism?

Clearly, the followers of the #wexitalberta movement are not going down without a fight, so hopefully, Trudeau is prepared to listen to the voices of people from every Canadian province.

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