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Who Needs Roses When You Can Buy A Bouquet Of Mr. Puffs Greek Donut Holes For Valentine's Day?

Why do flowers and sweets when you can do both at once?!
You Can Get A Bouquet Of Mr Puffs Greek Donut Holes For Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching and if you're looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift in Montreal I'm here to present you with a perfect idea. Now, this gift is not for the lover that desires rings or other expensive things. This is a gift that combines the romanticism of a bouquet of flowers and the sweetness of a box of chocolates and you can pick it up or have it delivered from any Mr. Puffs location in Montreal.

Yes, Mr. Puffs is serving up bouquets of its delectable and traditional Greek "donut holes," or loukoumades, from now until Valentine's Day 2020. Way better than any plain old Valentine's Day chocolate. 

Mr. Puffs donut holes are based on the traditional recipe off loukoumades that have been a staple dessert in Greek for 2800 years. 

Apparently, they were served to Olympians and "referred to as honey tokens because of the traditional honey and cinnamon toppings."

Mr. Puffs serves them hot, fresh and glazed to order with other fun toppings, in addition to the classic above, like Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut and Maple Syrup.

In addition to being a traditional recipe topped with amazing flavours, these Mr. Puffs sweets are also lactose and egg-free with no trans fats. So, they might have a couple more calories than your traditional bouquet, but you don't have to feel too guilty.

Seen above is the Sugar Cinnamon flavour in the 12-piece bouquet which regularly retails for $20, but you can get for only $10 when you place your order through DoorDash for delivery.

Even our favourite boy Brudder knows this Puffs Bouquet is the way to any Valentine's heart. As long as you manage to keep the decadent toppings from getting all over them. 

You can pick up your Puffs Bouquet at any of the locations across Quebec (there are over 15) and Mr. Puffs delivers via UberEars, Foodora and SkipTheDishes, though only DoorDash will get you the $10 discount. 

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Mr. Puffs Valentine's Bouquet

Where: All Mr. Puffs locations in Canada

When: Until and including Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14, 2020

Why: Give your sweetheart something sweet while knocking the traditional chocolate and flowers and combining them instead!

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