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Amazon Is Hiring 150 People In Montreal & You Don't Even Need To Submit A CV

The company needs to staff its Lachine warehouse.
Amazon Is Hiring 150 People In Montreal & You Don't Even Need To Submit A CV

The temporary closure of non-essential services has left countless people in Quebec without work. Some businesses in the essential service sector, meanwhile, are expanding to meet demand. Amazon Canada has 150 jobs to fill in its Montreal warehouse.

The shipping centre in the borough of Lachine is the first of its kind for the company in Quebec.

An Amazon spokesperson told MTL Blog in November that the facility would bring "super fast" delivery to the area with room for 300 employees.

The 150 new warehouse clerks will enjoy full-time positions and all the benefits they entail right from day one, including "medical insurance, paid holidays, maternity and parental leave benefits," and a group retirement savings plan (RRSP).

Wages start at $16 an hour, but employees who work the night shift get a bonus.

There are no work experience requirements, no need for a CV, and no interviews, according to the job posting through Adecco.

The human resources firm says it will contact all candidates who apply.

The posting makes clear, however, that the position of warehouse clerk requires physical labour.

Applicants must be able to lift loads weighing up to 22 kilograms, or 49 pounds.

The sometimes 12-hour days involve squatting, bending, stretching, and walking, walking, walking.

Employees may also operate trucks, forklifts, and other motorized industrial equipment to help move a wide variety of goods.

The only additional requirement is the completion of a high school diploma.

Get all the details below.

Amazon Warehouse Clerk In Lachine

Salary: $16/hour

Why You Should Apply: No experience required and benefits take effect on the first day of employment.

Apply here

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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