An Arsonist Might Be On The Loose In Montreal

Montreal's arson squad is analyzing both vehicles for more details.
An Arsonist Might Be On The Loose In Montreal

You may remember that last year, Montrealers were warned of an arsonist that was starting fires around the city. Firebomb explosions were being set off, multiple cars were set ablaze and destroyed, it was truly a terrifying experience as no one had any idea where and when the criminal would strike next. Luckily those fires eventually stopped, but it looks like someone else may be lighting fires in Ahuntsic.

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TL;DR This morning Montreal police received 911 calls about two cars on fire on opposite sides of the intersection. Police are confused as to how both cars were destroyed by the flames, with the arson squad towing both cars for further analysis. 

This morning at around 3:50 a.m. Montreal police received numerous 911 calls about two cars set on fire at the intersection of St. Real and Mcduff streets in Ahuntsic. The two vehicles were on opposite sides of the intersection, and were in no contact of each other.

Arson squad investigating after 2 cars burn in Ahuntsic

March 21, 2019

The arson squad has begun their investigation into the incident, with police left confused by how both cars were set on fire and destroyed by the flames while being too far from the other car for the fire to have spread.

Either this is a freak coincidence or the city has another arsonist on the loose. The cars were so badly burned once police arrived, they were unable to identify the cause of the fire. 

The two cars will be towed by Montreal's arson squad for further analysis.