An Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Is Taking Place In The Mile End & You Can Compete

Have people always commented on your dexterity? Have they looked on in amazement as you gave a friend a fist bump? Are you that person who instinctively knows when a rock will trump scissors?

Well, this is the day you've been waiting for; AireCommune, the popular Mile End workspace, is hosting a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.

Now is the time to put your expertise to test all while enjoying an amazing terrasse, a drink and possibly the taste of hand-game victory. 

And it wouldn't be a tournament if there weren't prizes. There are a few up for grabs for the winning hands; $250 in cash prizes, a Roch Voisine CD (because why not), a $50 gift certificate for a hair cut from Le 7 carré, a case of GURU per month for one year, and most importantly the official belt of the Rock, Paper, Scissors champion. 

The event was originally for tonight, but due to the severe thunderstorm warning in effect, was rescheduled for August 21. Which just means more time to strengthen our hand and wrist movements while counting to three. Hey, we take this very seriously. 

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The tournament, hosted by Poches & Fils in collaboration with Aire Commune and GURU Bio Energy Drink is completely FREE to enter, so bring your friends. 

It's also a great excuse to visit Aire Commune before the outdoor space closes for the season in September. It's always a relaxed and fun atmosphere and the space lays claim to one of the biggest terrasses in Montreal

This might be the safest 'extreme' sports tournament yet. Just our speed. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament at Aire Commune

WHEN: August 21 from 5 PM to 8PM

WHERE: 5705 Gaspe Ave.

COST: Free to enter


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