An STM Bus Driver Gave Out Candy On Halloween & Became An Overnight Icon (Photos)

We really do have the best bus drivers!
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An STM Bus Driver Gave Out Candy On Halloween & Became An Overnight Icon (Photos)

Halloween has come and gone in Montreal and despite the fact that the weather was horrible, an STM bus driver made sure that everyone's Halloween was a little better. Michel Robertson, STM bus driver extraordinaire, decked out his bus with spooky decorations and had a huge bowl of candy that his passengers were able to enjoy. While the weather played a trick on many Halloween plans, Robertson gave everyone a little treat for their rainy commute. 

Robertson is quite the decorator. As seen on Spotted: STM, Robertson paid careful attention to detail — the threshold and cockpit of his bus were beautifully decorated for Halloween festivities. Complete with ghosts, jack o' lanterns, and even a disembodied hand on the OPUS reader, Robertson truly embraced the spirit of Halloween. 

Those who saw him on his route were no doubt surprised by such amazing service on their commute. All weekend, Montrealers have reacted to Robertson's Halloween set-up with overwhelming positivity. He's become an overnight sensation, with many praising him for his incredible service and friendly personality. 

People who frequent Robertson's route weren't that surprised since, according to reactions, he's already an iconic bus driver. His smile is described as "contagious" and those who see him every day say he's always in a good mood.

Though the STM is sometimes in hot water with the public, people frequently praise the service of bus and metro employees. 

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One Facebook commenter says that Robertson always makes everyone's day with his cheerful personality. 

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Montrealers are quick to note that for the most part, bus drivers are friendly and provide excellent service. 

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Once he was spotted, Robertson quickly became a sensation! 

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Apparently, this isn't the first time Roberston has given out candy on Halloween. 

The man himself sent MTL Blog some photos and shows that he not only celebrates Halloween but also Christmas! 

[rebelmouse-image 26888595 photo_credit="Michel Robertson | Facebook\n" expand=1 original_size="640x640"] Michel Robertson | Facebook

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Keep in mind that Robertson always takes it upon himself to hand out candies.

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We reached out to the STM to ask them what they thought about this initiative and they told us that "unfortunately, for safety reasons, we can't tolerate these decorations."

Don't worry though, Robertson's job is safe! 

If you spot Robertson on his bus route and are having a miserable day, make sure to say hello! His smile is certain to brighten up your day! 

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