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Andrew Scheer Manages To Piss Off Trudeau, the LGBTQ Community & Gun Control Advocates All In One Weekend

Politician Andrew Scheer has been getting a lot of shade thrown his way on Twitter (well more than usual), particularly in the last 48 hours. So, what has the leader of the Conservative Party been doing to make so many headlines? 

Well, first of all, having the Prime Minister openly slam you for not attending Vancouver's Pride Parade for the third year in a row is a good way to start.

But also forgetting that whatever you put on the internet stays on the internet forever and ever - no matter if you try to take it down or not. 

Let's start with yesterday's Pride Parade. Justin Trudeau was there alongside NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. It's kind of awesome to see politicians coming together across party lines to support the LGBTQ community

But alas, Scheer was nowhere to be seen. Trudeau was nonplussed and let his displeasure known in an interview with Global News, "I really wish Andrew Scheer were here today to pass that message to kids in rural areas who might be suffering bullying, suffering challenges, that we support them right across the board. But I’m here with politicians who do.”


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Back before he was the leader of the Conservative party, Andrew Scheer had a website all about his thoughts and stances.  Political satirist and podcaster @ThatsMrNeil decided to unearth that website and find out what Scheer thought on things like gun control before the website was taken down. 

According to his site, Scheer wants gun laws in Canada to be more relaxed and to do things such as repealall federal regulations pertaining to firearms which do not respect the rights of "honest firearms owners."

No word yet on what exactly an "honest owner" may be.

You can check out the full website on The WayBack Machine.

The question of Scheer's stance on gun control was of conversation this weekend after two mass shootings shook the United States. 

Meanwhile, in Toronto early this morning, 5 people were wounded at District 45 Nightclub in Toronto after a man opened fire.

Understandably, Canadians felt it important to remind Scheer we're trying to not end up quite like our neighbours to the south... 

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