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Anonymous Confessions From A Montreal Canadiens Wife, Ex-Girlfriend, And Former Mistress

Here's what the women behind the team had to say.
Anonymous Confessions From A Montreal Canadiens Wife, Ex-Girlfriend, And Former Mistress
  • We spoke to a Montreal Canadiens wife, ex-girlfriend, and former mistress about the romance and stressors of dating famous hockey players.
  • All three women spoke on the condition of anonymity.
  • Here's what they had to say about life off the ice.

Hockey players are the celebrities of Montreal. Our city is obviously obsessed with hockey and with that obsession comes a fascination with the players and the significant others in their lives. Throughout history, hockey players have gotten a slightly bad reputation when it comes to their ability to remain faithful. MTL Blog reached out to a wife, ex-girlfriend and former mistress of different Montreal Canadiens players and the information I was told was truly eye-opening.

The women discussed experiences of suspicion, jealousy, and the potentially destructive influence of money. 

“With all the fame and travelling, it is hard to not let your imagination go wild,” stated a wife to a former Habs player.

“Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of doubts but I always choose to believe my husband, if I don’t believe him our marriage is doomed,” she continued.

“At the end of the day, I fell in love with someone who I knew would be in the spotlight and who I knew would be constantly travelling. I made that choice and I don’t regret it.”

However, relationships are not always easy, especially when you are dating an athlete. “He was my first love. We dated before he got drafted and I really thought that the success wouldn’t get to his head,” a former girlfriend of a popular Habs player told us.

She continued by stating “I always had a hunch, I heard rumours about him cheating, but I chose to believe him. It wasn’t until I decided to look through his phone that the truth really came out.”

“He had stored different girls under alias male names, after I opened a text message from someone named 'Paul' I discovered the man I was in love with was cheating on me every chance he got, it broke me.”

A lot of people may think that the mistress gets the best end of the deal, as they are the ones whom these players are cheating with, but after speaking to a former mistress, I realized that this wasn’t the case.

“It is really hard to watch the person you love flaunt around his wife at events and pretend like you are a stranger if you run into them in public.” This mistress was nervous to speak with me but continued to spill the tea with the promise of anonymity.

What shocked me most was how young she was when the affair started. “I was a teenager and was in awe that one of these players was paying attention to me,” she then went on to claim that “the older I got, the more I realized how wrong my actions were.” 

The affair went on for seven years and throughout that time, this young Montreal woman suffered a lot of emotional damage and opened up about “how much therapy I needed to do to forgive myself.”

When asked what she wanted to be forgiven for, her voice got quiet, “for almost ruining a family, that was never my intention but I would be lying if I said I had never hoped for it to happen at the time.”

When it comes to finances, each of these women had a different opinion about high hockey salaries. When I asked the wife of a player if the financial security that her husband offered was something that allowed her to turn a blind eye to her suspicions, she was blunt. “There is something to be said about not having to worry about bills or trips or life in general. Is that the reason why I married my husband? Absolutely not, but does it make life easier? Absolutely.”

The ex-girlfriend had a different opinion, telling MTL Blog that she “wishes that he never got access to so much money at such a young age” because, as she put it, “the sudden boost in salary was the beginning of the end for us, the money got to his head and his ego became uncontrollable.”

She also stated that “the more money he made, the more gifts he bought me, the worse of a partner he became. There are not enough fancy presents that can make up for the embarrassment I felt and that is just the truth.”

The reality is, hockey players and their significant others do get special treatment, especially in Montreal. As the wife of a former player told MTL Blog, “I haven’t waited in a line or not gotten a reservation since my husband went pro, which I guess is cool.

There will always be pros and cons with whomever you date. However, when you choose to date someone in the public eye, things tend to intensify.

"You need to be very confident and not let the little things get to you," stated the wife of a former player.

"People will try to get in your head, especially now with social media." She also made sure to add, "I go through my husband DMs and if you write him something inappropriate, you will probably get blocked," ouch!

All in all, we are aware that Montreal is a hockey city. The men want to be the players and most of the women want to date them. However, just like you and I, these men are humans, with real-life problems.

“No matter what, I will always love him,” said the ex-girlfriend of a player.

When each lady was asked if they regretted getting involved with an athlete, all of them said "no," even the former mistress.

She said that although she "regrets her actions" she learnt a lot from those years of "being someone's secret." Now that she is "older" and "more mature," she says that she can "identify a complicated situation from a mile away."

I asked both the former mistress and girlfriend if they would ever date another hockey player. "Never," stated the former girlfriend. "I just got so hurt the last time, I wouldn't be able to handle going through that again."

The former mistress is not as jaded by athletes and claimed that she would "as long as he was single!"

The last question asked was why they thought Habs players got so much praise in our city, all of them answered with the same thing: “It is Montreal, people just love hockey."

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