Another Mouse Has Been Found Crawling In Toilet Of Concordia University Bathroom

Check your toilet seats before you sit, people.
Another Mouse Has Been Found Crawling In Toilet Of Concordia University Bathroom

Last week, eyewitness reports confirmed the first sighting of a mouse crawling around a toilet seat in a Concordia University washroom. 

Ever since then, people have been checking the bottom of the toilet seats just in case another mouse (or possibly family of mice) happened to show up. Well, as if it weren't already bad enough, Concordia students have just had their worst nightmare come true.

It looks like there might be a mouse infestation in men's washrooms at the school, as another mouse has been found! This time it decided to take a swim in the toilet bowl.

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TL;DR Another mouse has been found in a men's washroom at Concordia University. It is currently unknown if the rodents are part of a related incident or if there is a mice infestation at the school. More details below.

The photo evidence of the residing mouse, courtesy of Petros Mascia, makes it pretty clear that this definitely wasn't the same critter from the first incident. The most obvious proof is that while the first mouse had white fur, this little creature flirting with the edge of the toilet water is clearly brown or black in colour.

Via Petros Mascia

It's also worth mentioning that this is a different washroom than the first incident. The first mouse was found on a toilet seat in the second floor JMSB men's washroom, while this photo was taken in the S1 men's washroom. 

No word yet on why the mice have not found their way to any women's washrooms, but maybe the men's rooms are more easily accessible for the mice? It's also unknown whether or not this is a related incident that might be due to lab mice escaping their enclosures, or if there is an actual infestation of rodents.

Regardless, check your toilet seat before you sit down.

Stay tuned for more information on the travelling washroom mice. If you happen to spot one yourself, send a photo to MTLBlog!


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