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Anti-Fur Protestors Blast Screaming Animal Sounds Through The Streets Of Downtown Montreal

They say one woman even gave up the fur lining on her coat during the demonstration.
Anti-Fur Protestors Blast Screaming Animal Sounds Through The Streets Of Downtown Montreal

A group of anti-fur protestors made quite a scene on Monday in downtown Montreal as they set up back-to-back daytime demonstrations outside three of Montreal's largest fur retailers, Canada Goose, Rudsak, and Mackage, all located on rue Sainte-Catherine. The demonstration included the use of audio played through a megaphone, blasting the sounds of screaming animals through the busy downtown streets.

The demonstration even caused one passerby to denounce fur on the spot and remove the fur lining on the hood of her winter coat, the demonstrators claim.

Other passersby moved quickly through the throng of protestors, with their signs and chants, covering their ears from the frightful sounds of animals coming through the megaphone.

According to a participant, Len Goldberg, Rudsak inevitably locked its doors, consequently turning customers away.

We reached out to Rudsak and Mackage for comment but have not yet received a response.

Canada Goose wouldn't comment on the demonstration in front of its Ste-Catherine location.

The company includes a statement about its use of fur and down on its website, writing that "we believe all animals are entitled to humane treatment in life and death, and we are deeply committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials in our products."

According to Goldberg, Montreal Police arrived and remained on the scene observing the protest but maintained that demonstrators were within their right to protest, even at such high volumes. 

[rebelmouse-image 26886771 photo_credit="Len Goldberg | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="573x465"] Len Goldberg | Facebook

Goldberg also confirmed that the group will continue to disrupt fur retailers throughout Montreal. 

He claims that one woman voluntarily shed the fur that was attached to the hood of her coat, a moment visible in a video the group posted online.

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"This woman specifically emphasized that our blasting the animal screams broke her heart," Len explained.

"We didn't even approach her," he continued, "she was so deeply moved by our protest [...] she told us to make her fur-free on the spot!"

[rebelmouse-image 26886772 photo_credit="Cassey Phaneuf" expand=1 original_size="720x480"] Cassey Phaneuf

"We will continue blasting the screams of animals into Montreal businesses that make animals scream for fur fashion," Goldberg asserts.

[rebelmouse-image 26886773 photo_credit="Cassey Phaneuf" expand=1 original_size="643x480"] Cassey Phaneuf

The video, shared on Goldberg's Facebook page, depicts graphic images and includes disturbing sounds. Watch it at your own risk. It can be found in full on Facebook here.

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