Ashley Tisdale Is In Montreal & She Might Be The Only One Enjoying The Cold

She loves Montreal coffee.
Ashley Tisdale Is In Montreal & She Might Be The Only One Enjoying The Cold
  • Ashley Tisdale is back in Montreal with her mother and best friend.
  • The actress has previously expressed her love for Montreal food and coffee culture.
  • On Instagam, Tisdale seems to be enjoying her break from the Los Angeles heat.

This summer Ashley Tisdale was spotted roaming through our city and loving it. And, according to her social media, she is back and enjoying it just as much as she did this summer. Montreal seems to be crawling with celebrities and Tisdale is just another one to keep your eyes open for. Best known for her roles in Young and Hungry, High School Musical, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the actress has in the past made clear that she loves Montreal for its food scene, stating in July that coffee in the Quebec metropolis is "bigger and better." 

It is not exactly clear why she is spending so much time in our city, but something tells me it is simply because Montreal is awesome.

Tisdale is here with her best friend and her mother and the three of them seem to be having a blast, according to their Instagram posts.

The actress really made the most of her trip this past summer. She visited some of our most beautiful landmarks such as The Notre-Dame Basilica and even went shopping at Holt Renfrew.

She also ate a delicious meal and stated on her social media that LOV was the “best vegan restaurant” she had ever visited. Perhaps she is here simply to indulge in our delicious eats, or maybe she was drawn by her other love: coffee.

This time around, the first thing she posted in our city was a photo of herself drinking coffee, captioned “bundled up in Montreal where the coffee is good and the cold is even better.”

At least someone is enjoying the crisp, cold weather and I can assure you that person is not me.

Tisdale also posted a video to her stories with her best friend. The two seem to be bundled up and keeping each other warm.

tisdale mtl

Tisdale Girls

Her BFF Sabrina Jalees also went to her stories to post an adorable video of “The Tisdale Girls,” Ashley and her mom, enjoying a night out in Montreal.

Although it is unclear as to why she is here and how long she will be staying, I am sure Ms. Tisdale is enjoying the “suite life” here in chilly Montreal.

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