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Avenue Mont-Royal Is Shutting Down To Host A Fair & Street Art Festival This Month

Don't miss this block party-esque event!
Avenue Mont-Royal Is Shutting Down To Host A Fair & Street Art Festival This Month
  • Mont-Royal's street art festival RU is back this year with the theme Métaflore.
  • Head down to the Plateau to take in local street artists and DJs.
  • Enjoy a beer, create some art, dance and get creative! All ages are welcome.

Even as August nears its end, Montreal still insists on hosting non-stop events, festivals and various types of fun to keep the good times rolling until we absolutely must close up the terrasses and embrace Autumn.

From yoga with puppies to free concerts at St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal definitely still has it going on and I think there's no question that August is going to go out with a bang.

Next week, for example, a weekend-long urban art festival called RU kicks off that invites Montrealers of all ages to revel in the notion of urban reappropriation. 

There will be various types of art put on by amazing local artists alongside workshops and collective creations so that you can get your hands dirty and make some street art to celebrate the fantastic summer we've had in Montreal.

So grab a Lime Scooter, or hop on whatever your prefered mode of transport is, and visit Mont-Royal for the RU Festival to take in the Metaflore experience.

We've included videos below of previous year's events.

The event starts next Thursday the 22nd of August and will run all weekend long with events like participatory theatre, collective mural creation, and more.

Oh ya, and did I mention there will be a bar?

The tweet above reads:

"Our big end-of-summer event, RU (réappropriation urbaine) is back from August 22nd to 25th, 2019 at the same time as the trade show! This year, we will have you living an artistic experience that is both vegetal and psychedelic🍃🌺🌻 ! "

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In addition to being surrounded by street art and the energy of constant creation all around you, with a beer in hand no less, you can also enjoy live music presented by a handful of Montreal DJs.

With the Mont-Royal trade fair going on alongside RU and Metaflore, the corner of Mont-Royal and Boyer is sure to be bustling.

There's also no question that the RU project Psychozoo will delight passersby of all ages as they throw traditional botany out the window and create a multifaceted art installation that may very well feel like Wonderland.

DJs slated to be in attendance over the course of the 4 days include Tind, Soul of Zoo, Hollie Hensman, Kostello and Tenzin.

The art you can expect to see, and even participate in includes installations, mural creation, sculpture, participatory theatre, collage, land art and more.

Mont-Royal RU Festival presents «Métaflore»

What: A weekend of urban art, music, and the opportunity to get creative!

When: Thursday, August 22nd from 12PM - 9PM

           Friday, August 23rd from 11AM - 11PM

           Saturday, August 24th from 11AM - 11PM

           Sunday, August 25th from 11AM - 5PM

Where: Corner of Mont-Royal and Boyer

Cost: Free!

Notes: This event is 100% family-friendly with activities for aspiring artists of all ages.

The bar is only open from 3PM - 9PM, Thursday through Saturday and 2PM - 5PM on Sunday.

For full descriptions and dates of all activities, head to their event page here.

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