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Bars In The Old Port Where Locals Like To Celebrate Their 5 à 7s

Places where you can hide from the touristy crowds.
Bars In The Old Port Where Locals Like To Celebrate Their 5 à 7s

The Old Port has long since been only an overly expensive, low quality, tourist trap. Now some of the most renowned restaurants and bars in Montreal are located here. But considering its charm, especially in the summer months, the out of towners are always the ones swarming the Old Port bars. So, where do the locals go when they're finished work and want to enjoy a 5 à 7, or even for a weekend night out?

Almost everyone, locals and tourists both, know of places like the not so secret Speakeasy on McGill, or the gorgeous seasonal terrasses of Hotel Nelligan and William Gray.

But where do you go as a local when you want something not too run over by the tourist crowds and that you might even be able to have a conversation in?

There are still a few great spots in Old Montreal that range from quiet bars with microbrews and great upscale pub food, to high-end cocktail bars that may not stay low-key for much longer. Case in point is the tiny Cuban inspired spot the owner of the famous Cold Room opened just next door.

Keep reading to check out six of the bars in the Old Port that the locals swear by. 

Pub Saint Pierre

Where: 410, rue Saint-Pierre

Check out this laid back English influenced spot!


Where: 640, rue Saint-Paul O.

Take a lookat one of the best places for a high-end cocktail!


Where: 111 rue Saint-Paul O.

See the website for this trendy drink and appetizer bar!

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Pub Soeurs Grises 

Where: 32, rue McGill

Check out the microbrews at this relaxed pub!

El Pequeño

Where: 401a, rue Saint Vincent

Take a look at this Cuban inspired cocktail bar!

Parliament Pub and Parlour

Where: 351, Place d'Youville

Visit this brand new English inspired pub!

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