Beloved Montreal STM Metro Driver Might Quit His Hilarious Announcements After Passenger Complaints

Montrealers have fallen in love with the orange line train driver.
Beloved Montreal STM Metro Driver Might Quit His Hilarious Announcements After Passenger Complaints

An amazing metro driver has captured the hearts of many. The particularly chatty conductor has become the subject of countless social media posts. The driver in question, Luc Dallaire, delights passengers with his kooky messages.

But now, this distinct voice may be silenced because of angry complaints about the driver to the STM. Though he is still encouraged to speak to passengers, it appears he'll have to tone it down.

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TL;DR Luc Dallaire, a metro driver who has achieved fame through his fun and witty announcements has received complaints that may force him to stop his announcements.

Dallaire, who mainly operates metros on the orange line, imitates airplane pilots, sings to passengers, and creates little jingles for the metro stations. This has brightened the commute of many a STM passenger.

We wrote about anarticle about a video that captured one such enteraining ride. 

"Take a deep breath," the driver says in the video, noting that the metro is currently below the Rivières-des-Prairies. He continues by pointing out the "fish to both our left and our right."

But now the driver may be in trouble for these entertaining monologues. La Presse is reporting that complaints have been made about his behaviour.

Dallaire has not been asked to stop his soliloquies, but he has been told to reconsider how he expresses his ideas. Though it's unclear how much he'll have to give up.

It is thought that the driving force behind these complaints may be misguided. Many complained that the driver was spreading religious messages. It was later revealed that a passenger with a megaphone was the source of these messages.

It appears that, despite this setback, Dallaire's positive attitude is infectious. Philippe Schnobb, chairman of the STM, is considering asking metro drivers to talk to clients more often.

This comment from the Ligne Orange Twitter account concerns an unrelated situation, but speaks to the STM's attitude when it comes to any unconventional methods:

Let's hope that Dallaire keeps up his great work and keeps passengers entertained for years to come.


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