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Best Barbershops In Montreal

15 places to keep that fade fresh!
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Best Barbershops In Montreal

Some of you might've kept your head and face free from a razor to stay warm for the winter, which is perfectly fine, no judgements here! Winter is the perfect time to look like you came from Winterfell. But the long, cold, dark is finally over! Get a haircut already, my dude!

Picking the right barbershop can be a daunting task, however. With so many options around town, it's not easy to find that perfect place.

Also, depending on what you want, finding a trusted person to take a straight blade razor to your neck or to perfect your fade is even riskier than finding a barbershop. Trust me, you don't want to accidentally stumble into to Sweeney Todd's. 

Here are the 15 best barbershops that you can find in Montreal!

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Mr. corte

Location: 2642 rue Allard (Verdun)

Check them out here!

Brotherhood Barbershop

Location: 5487 avenue Victoria (Côte-des-Neiges)

Check them out here!

G&G Barbershop

Location: 28 avenue des Pins (Plateau)

Check them out here!

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Fade2Brooklyn Barbershop

Location: 2130 rue Mackay (Downtown)

Check them out here!

KRWN Barbershop

Location: 4433 boulevard St-Laurent (Plateau)

Check them out here!


Location: 3850 rue Wellington (Verdun)

Check them out here!

Maison Privée

Location: 1253 McGill College Ave (Downtown) // 232 Rue de L'Hopital (Old Port) // 255a St-Viateur West (Mile-End) // 2031 rue Wellington (Point St-Charles)

Check them out here!

La Chapelle Barbershop

Location: 519 Rachel (Plateau) // 3585 Ontario E (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve)

Check them out here!

Belgard Barbershop

Location: 430 St. Francis Xavier (Old-Port)

Check them out here!

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Location: 1420 Drummond (Downtown)

Check them out here!

The Cloakroom Barbershop

Location: 2175 rue de la Montagne (Downtown)

Check them out here!

Blue Dog Barbershop

Location: 3960 Boulevard St. Laurent (Plateau)

Check them out here!

Le Cartier Barbershop

Location: 1115 rue Sherbrooke O. (Downtown)

Check them out here!

Frank and Oak Stanely

Location: 1420 rue Stanley (Downtown)

Check them out here!

Notorious Barbershop

Location: 4677 rue Notre-Dame O. (St-Henri)

Check them out here!

Enjoy your fresh spring cut!

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