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Best Breakfast & Brunch Spots In Montreal

37 great spots to try out! 🍳

Breakfast is personally my favourite meal of the day. It's one of those meals that you don't feel bad about eating at any time of the day. If you wanted to eat pasta for breakfast, you'd get weird looks, but eggs benny at dinner, you're a champ. 

Montreal has literally hundreds of breakfast restaurants and for the most part, you'll find the standard range of menu options. There are few breakfast places that truly distinguish themselves, however!

So next time you're planning breakfast or brunch, look no further than this list! There's no reason to break your head over which place you should go to! 

Without further ado, here are the 37 best breakfast restaurants in Montreal!

Quoi de N'Oeuf

What: A cozy little spot in the heart of St-Henri with amazingly affordable breakfasts!

Where: 2745 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check it out here!

Café LuLu

What: Amazing pastries and incredible coffee, what more could you want?

Where: 852 rue Sainte-Catherine E.

Check it out here!

Breizh Café

What: Absolutely fantastic pancakes in a quirky vintage space.

Where: 3991 boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check it out here!

L'Ptit Rustik

What: Probably the best eggs benedict in town!

Where: 4057 rue Drolet

Check it out here!

McKiernan Luncheonette 

What: From the founders of Joe Beef and Liverpool House, McKiernan Luncheonette is the latest addition to their range of amazing restaurants.

Where: 5524 rue Saint-Patrick

Check it out here!

Le Butterblume

What: Eclectic breakfast and brunch meals with interesting ingredients and creative plating.

Where: 5836 boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check it out here!

Chez José

What: A lovely family-style cafe that is a Plateau institution.

Where: 173 avenue Duluth E.

Check it out here!

Le Toasteur Villeray

What: A small and cozy spot with incredibly flavourful breakfast dishes.

Where: 767 rue Villeray

Check it out here!

Kupfert & Kim

What: A really cute study spot that has awesome waffles, pancakes, and coffee. Sign me up!

Where: 417 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check it out here!

Bagel Etc. 

What: Leonard Cohen used to eat breakfast here almost every day, need I say more?

Where: 4320 boulevard St-Laurent

Check it out here!


What: A chic little hideaway in the Old Port with some of the fluffiest pancakes you'll ever eat.

Where: 244 rue Saint-Jacques

Check it out here!

Brûlerie Urbaine

What: A restaurant with charming ambience and huge portions.

Where: 5252 chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges

Check it out here!


What: An iconic and bustling breakfast restaurant in the Plateau.

Where: 25 avenue Fairmount

Check it out here!

Gauffre Mignonne 

What: A classic Montreal crĂȘperie and waffle house with an amazing atmosphere.

Where: 55 rue Sainte-Catherine E

Check it out here!

Restaurant Greenspot 

What: A classic 1940s Montreal diner that serves up incredible breakfast all day long!

Where: 3014 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check it out here!


What: One of Verdun's top brunch spots, Well has classic breakfasts with a unique spin.

Where: 4567 rue Wellington

Check it out here!

Beauty's Luncheonette

What: Established in 1942, Beauty's has been serving up amazing breakfast to Montrealers for generations.

Where: 93 avenue du Mont-Royal O.

Check it out here!

Pamplemousse Café

What: A friendly atmosphere with delicious coffee and huge portions.

Where: 1251 rue Ontario E.

Check it out here!


What: A funky spot known for its gourmet breakfasts and delightful atmosphere.

Where: 922 avenue du Mont-Royal E.

Check it out here!

Arthur's Nosh Bar

What: Arthur's is a St-Henri favourite. The long line on weekends is well worth the wait!

Where: 4621 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check it out here!

Café Orange

What: An N.D.G. staple that's been serving amazing breakfast for years and years.

Where: 4011 boulevard Decarie

Check it out here!

Janine Café

What: Impeccable food and service on Verdun's bustling Promenade Wellington.

Where: 3900 rue Wellington

Check it out here!

La Petite Marche

What: A bistro-style experience in the Plateau with awesome breakfast.

Where: 5035 rue Saint-Denis

Check it out here!

Régine Café

What: Enjoy a classic breakfast in a small, quirky, and popular Mile-End location.

Where: 1840 rue Beaubien E.

Check it out here!


What: Made-to-order waffles with a large variety of toppings! What's not to love?

Where: 8 rue Rachel E.

Check it out here!

La Palette Gourmande 

What: Delicious breakfast in a classy, upscale atmosphere.

Where: 1486 rue Sherbrooke O.

Check it out here!

Olive & Gourmando

What: Trendy yet unpretentious, Olive & Gourmando is a must-try.

Where: 351 rue Saint-Paul O.

Check it out here!

La Finca

What: Awesome coffee and breakfast in an airy and hip vibe.

Where: 1067 rue de Bleury

Check it out here!

Le Vieux-St. Laurent

What: A go-to greasy spoon breakfast in the Plateau.

Where: 3993 boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check it out here!


What: A casual French-style café that's super casual and delicious.

Where: 9 avenue Fairmount E

Check it out here!

Bar George

What: An upscale English breakfast experience in an elegant historic site.

Where: 1440 rue Drummond

Check it out here!

Le Vieux VĂ©lo

What: Creative spins on eggs benny.

Where: 59 rue Beaubien E.

Check it out here!

Le Passé Composé

What: Delicious breakfast in the Gay Village.

Where: 1310 boulevard de Maisonneuve E.

Check it out here!

Le Cartet

What: French-bistro breakfast experience in a minimalist setting.

Where: 106 rue McGill

Check it out here!


What: N.D.G.'s one and only greasy spoon breakfast diner.

Where: 5843 rue Sherbrooke O.

Check it out here!


What: Refined breakfast using awesome ingredients. A must-try!

Where: 5201 boulevard Saint-Laurent

Check it out here!


What: Foiegwa puts an elegant twist on the classic diner experience.

Where: 3001 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check it out here!

Good morning, Montreal!