Best Bubble Tea In Montreal

13 spots to get your tapioca fix!
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Best Bubble Tea In Montreal

Everyone loves bubble tea, right? The sweet and milky nectar combined with tasty tapioca balls is world-famous and it's likely that you'll see one of those cute plastic cups in the hands of many Montrealers this summer. 

Bubble tea comes in all kinds of different varieties. Milk tea is the standard base and you get to choose which flavour you want. Some people prefer a more fruity flavour while others want something more savoury. Whatever your taste, Montreal's bubble tea spots are guaranteed to satisfy. 

Tapioca balls aren't even your only choice of bubbles in some spots! Jelly and fruit pieces are a popular choice among people who don't really like the taste of tapioca (like me!).

Which bubble tea places are the best in Montreal, though? Look no further people! Here are the ten best bubble tea spots in town! Enjoy!


WHERE: 7056 rue Allard (LaSalle)

Check them out here!

Mo Patisserie et Deli

WHERE: 5781 Côte-des-Neiges (C.D.N.)

Check them out here!

Zoe Dessert 

WHERE: 2160 rue Saint-Mathieu (Downtown)

Check them out here!

One More Thé

WHERE: 4986 Queen-Mary (N.D.G.)

Check them out here!

Kabiga Thé

WHERE: 1448a rue Saint-Mathieu (Downtown)

Check them out here!

Maison Ô Thé

WHERE: 625 Décarie (Ville Saint-Laurent)

Check them out here!

Haru Thé

WHERE: 998 boul. Saint-Laurent (Plateau)

Check them out here!

Café Théory

WHERE: 1668 de Maisonneuve O (Downtown)

Check them out here!

Bao Bao Dim Sum

WHERE: 83 de la Gauchetière (Chinatown)

Check them out here!

Chaï Tea Lounge

WHERE: 3506 du Parc (Downtown)

Check them out here!


WHERE: 10 de la Gauchetière (Chinatown) | 2160 Saint-Mathieu (Downtown)

Check them out here!

L2 Lounge

WHERE: 71a de la Gauchetière (Chinatown)

Check them out here!


WHERE: Five locations in Montreal

Check them out here!

Which ones are your favourites? Happy tea time, Montreal!

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